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January 16 2008

Why We Write essay by Jane Espenson. Buffy alum, JE adds her essay to this web blog highlighting striking writers. She also gets commented on by fellow Battlestar Galactica writer Mark Verheiden over at his blog.

If you haven't looked at the Why We Write site, give it a good peruse. It's well worth your time.

Rather than have two Jane entries in a row, I've added NYPinTA's news to this entry. It keeps everything together.
She spelled Lorelai wrong! Oooops.

I used to make up stories with my toys, but they were cars and trucks and Transformers, not Barbie dolls.
Yeah me too (Action Man in my case) but, though I loved MASH, I didn't used to lie in bed making up scenes for Hawkeye. That's why Jane's a crazy talented TV writer and i'm ... someone that used to play with Action Man ;). And Jane could write for radio if she wanted cos, Gods, she can draw a picture with her words.

That's a great site, thanks for the link (working my way through them but so far Jane's and the Hart Hanson one from the 14th stand out).
The co-creator of this site was one of the writers for the Buffy episode 'Gingerbread'. There's a Whedonesque no-prize if you know who the other writer was.
Is that the one where they each took an act ? I want to say either one of the Drews or Doug Petrie. Or maybe Steven DeKnight.

(presumably, since I didn't actually get it you owe me no no-prize which clearly translates in my head to an actual prize. Woohoo ;)
Thania St. John. I looked it up, and deserve no prize, or even no-prize.
I thought Simon meant the other other writer i.e. the one that wasn't a co-creator of the site (or Jane obviously cos, y'know, that'd be a bit easy ;). For some reason i'd got it into my head that 'Gingerbread' had 3 writers (cos I remember something about one where 3 writers each wrote an act and then Joss smoothed the joins).

There goes my no no-prize. Stupid head.

(and the Bill Lawrence essay is hilarious. Why did I stop watching 'Scrubs' again ? No good reason I can think of)
Aww, Jane rocks. *sniffle*
like a previous commenter said, Jane rocks

and yeah, i kinda did the same. i had this whole make believe world in my head, which i sometimes shared with my sister.

then i saw the x files when i was like 9 (fyi, the host is not a good ep for a 9-year-kid. i still have nightmares)

and i made up stories for them but it wasnt till much later, when i went online that i discovered others did the same.

and then my friend introduced me to buffy, for which i am forever grateful.

i'll go check out the site, i've only read a few of the essays.
Note that this is why I donít write at The Coffee Bean. Itís not quiet enough and they donít let you lie down.

That's an entertaining image.

"Ma'am, you can't sleep here."

"Shhh I'm listening, I'll be done in a minute."

It was stuffed rabbits. One rabbit was a complete spaz, and therefore always central to the goings-on. Hm. That might explain why Achewood has held my attention span longer than any other web comic.
You are thinking of "Conversations With Dead People" Season 7 (Marti, Jane, Joss and Drew Goddard (may be Greenberg though, I never remember who is who)). Gingerbread is the S3 ep when Amy turns rat.
All *I* used to do with my barbies was make them torture each other, gossip and fight for the affections of Ken.
Goes a long way to 'splaining why I'm nowhere near as talented as Jane!
Saje, You are thinking of "Conversations With Dead People" Season 7 ...

Yep, seems like I was, ta AthenaMuze ;).

(that's a natural choice for multiple writers too with the "scene-iness" and different "voices")
I still make up stories in my head about interesting characters (when we write them down, it's called fan fic). My dream career in a parallel universe where my life took a more conventional series of turns, is screen writer.
Except when it's mountain climber. (I know, not really a career.)

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