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January 16 2008

Joss Whedon, the face of the strike? Joss is pictured with a CNN story about late night TV during the strike.

That's me!! has iReports - where they ask people what they think of the strike. I wrote in and told them I supported, and sent the picture of Joss and I. They called two days later and asked for details. I told them about Mutant Enemy Day, about how many fans came out to support the writers, etc. I fainted when I saw it was my picture was the one they used for the main picture. GO Joss fans!
Yeah, I was wondering if the i-reporter was among us. Nice to "meet" you. =)
Same here. I'm glad one of your pictures made the website, even though it was connected with a story about whether late-night TV is funny without writers (which may be but you still need A-list guests like Tom Hanks to complete the effect). Anyway, any news site with Joss' picture is always good.
Ooh, I took that pic! (She turned around and took one of me afterwards). I've been published at CNN, sort of! :) Can I add that to me resume?
Shiny picture. Not the best content up with it. I wish they'd included some info from you about the rally. The whole context thing. :(
They were asking about what TV fans thought about the strike. So it is in context.
Who else from here contributed to the CNN article?
They were asking about what TV fans thought about the strike. So it is in context.

I didn't mean it wasn't with related content, rather that the content is thin on specific context for that photo-- namely, that it was taken at a WGA support rally with significant fan presence. The caption mentions that you are a volunteer guild supporter, but it doesn't mention any organized fan support or activity.
C.A.Bridges, the next photo in your Flickr file is of Camden and I, and I never saw that one before! Cool. (Have to add again just how cool Camden was, like everyone I met.)

Sort of one topic, does anyone have any photos off Joss pushing the basket'o'pencils at NBC or Disney? 'Cos I'm next to him and I have zero photographic evidence of this and many of my less trusting friends have difficulty believing this cool story.
I've seen pictures of that, zz9. Somewhere. Does fans4writers have any up, maybe?
Yeah, I told them about Fans for the WGA (which is the volunteer position they're talking about) and Fans for Writers, and of course ME Day. I'm the Dollhouse liaison, but they had limited space, I get that. I didn't think about telling them about Joss'd podcast (which has been giving Joss Whedon and WGA updates, but meh. OH well, as long as it shows solidarity with the writers, I'm good.
No offense to the Joss, but I'm really hoping he doesn't become the strike mascot/face of the strike. Mainly because he could pull a Scrooge McDuck and swim in a pool of his many, many gold coins.

But seeing as we have a strike-related post again, any hyphenates out there that can give us a hint as to how the DGA/AMPTP talks are going? Normally I'd never ask for a spoiler, but this is one of those gotta-know instances.
Badly Banter, very badly from all accounts I've seen. A good place to keep up with it of course is fans4writers and FFWGA.
Before this rolls off the front (and contrary to BrownCoat_Tabz saying all reports were that the negotitations were going badly, which was a serious overstatement): The DGA has a deal.

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From the DGA
Specifically, the EST residual rates will be .70% for television downloads and .65% for film downloads, above a certain number of units downloaded. Below that, residuals will be based on formula employers currently pay.

EST being Electronic Sell Through. This certainly doesn't sound like a lot to me but I guess that some acknowledgement of the worth of Internet media is better than nothing.

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