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January 16 2008

New look for James Marsters' official US website. has been revamped and relaunched.

There's lots of new stuff to enjoy, including a page dedicated to James' role as Captain John Hart in Torchwood, a new question and answer session from James and a message from James' manager Steve Himber.

Methinks the darn guiy looks better with the hair long enough to be wavy rather than ground all the way down, and his natural dark is better than platinum.

(I wonder, to get the sandy color he showed in parts of "Fool for Love," do they have to bleach it all the way then tone it? Because I know how the bleaching hurts him and if he ever does -HA!- play SPike again the sandy look would be better anyway if it's any easier.)
Oooh, pretty, shiny new site. Me likey. :0)

DaddyCatALSO That was a wig. They had to borrow it because he has a really large head and it was the only wig that would fit him.

I love the gallery. Such an attractive and talented man.
Love James. He was awesome live.

Also, might not be the place... but how is there not a discussion thread for "After the Fall" #3?
Sorry, just popping in to say how taken I am with the 'revamped' description...

Patxshand- try the archives, there was one but it was spoiler free as most people didn't have a copy yet. Cheers!
Its an improvement. Loved him in Torchwood!
Love the clean new look, as well as the lovely new pictures of James, but is it too much frakkin trouble to spell his name correctly on his official website?

The Bio page has right on top..... "James Wesley Masters" GAH!
Been there, drolled a lot. The wallpaper of James lying on the ground is alternating with the "two Captains" (back to back) Torchwood promo on my DT.

They replaced a shot of a beautiful little snowy owl with only one eye open, taken by an amazing nature photographer on another site I frequent. And I really have a thing for owls.
(The owl will get back in rotation, I'm fickle ;_)
thundercat, LOL! I know! I check out the look, clicked on each page just to have a quick look see (was too busy to look beyond the first and last lines) and I saw the missing "r". As a JM fan, it is a pet-peeve of mine. That as well as "Marsden", nothing against the guy, just annoys me when the slip-up constantly appears.

I contacted the website about the mistake. ;)
It looks good, spelling errors are easy to fix. I really wish they'd give every new q&a of the month its own permanent location, instead of putting it on the same page all the time.
JuliaL; If you're being serious, thank you. (I still feel souled Spike should have dropped the platinum look and gone either William's natural color or James's.)
They contacted me back (LOL and all) and fixed the name.

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