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January 16 2008

Cleopatra 2525 (starring Gina Torres) high quality episodes free on Fancast. I'm not sure if this is solely for Comcast subscribers, though I believe that it's not. There is the occasional ad, but I thought it was interesting they have the episodes available at all! Buffy is also available, as well as How I Met Your Mother.

I have not had the chance to watch the episodes yet, but I have watched other shows on this site and I've found it to be reliable, though the commercials are rather annoying. Also, there are expiry dates on some shows, though none are currently listed on the Cleopatra 2525 episodes.

I'm fairly absolutely certain this is just pulling the streams from the service, FWIW.

/set broken record on

The writers don't get paid for these.

/set broken record off

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Plus, using the words High Quality and Cleopatra 2525 in the same sentence is fairly misleading ;) Why choose to mention that in the link title instead of Buffy?
I'm sorry but...I love that show!!!
My sis gave me the boxed set for ChristmaHanuKwanza a last year.
""? Never heard of it. (No, I don't get out much.)
If it's watching TV on the computer, I'm not interested.
Not going to watch anything online until the writers strike is over. Not on networks, not on the Netflix Unlimited, nothin'. Until the writers get a fair share, I won't be watching.
Netflix Unlimited? Haven't heard of that, unless you mean their watch online feature, which I've never heard called "unlimited".

Also, yeah, this appears to pull from Hulu, but if it's got HIMYM, it also pulls directly from CBS.
There's an article about Fancast here. I'm amused that the word "fan" is part of the name. Very sneaky. I also think that we're like King Canute in regards to streaming videos on the web.
I'm sure many are aware of this, but for those that aren't, Jennifer Sky who played Cleopatra also had a small role on Buffy as Heidi Barrie, one of the Sunnydale students that got possessed by hyenas in Season 1 episode 6, 'The Pack'.
I didn't know that zillah, wow, all roads really do lead to Buffy ;).

'Cleopatra 2525' was pure cheese and, like 'Charmed' largely about seeing good-looking people in revealing attire. Unlike 'Charmed' IMO, it didn't have an actively offensive message about how women have trouble with rationality and should always "listen to their hearts" so I could watch it with the sound turned up ;).
Julesong. not to undermine your admirable dedication to the writers, but unless you are a Nielson household, not watching network does NOTHING to support the writers' strike. Nobody but you knows that you're not watching. Now if you mean you're not going to watch network shows on the networks' own websites, then MORE POWER TO YOU! :-D
Wow! They even have JAck of All Trades in there! I loved these shows back in the day.

Oh, how I miss my saturday mornings and afternoons...
I'm used to terrible streams of things after trying to track down a Gossip Girl episode for several weeks and having the official site fail me... so the high quality comparatively is what really jumped out at me! I just assume all video sites have Buffy now, since it's usually one of the first things they add :P However, I can change the title if you'd like!

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