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January 16 2008

Julie Benz on The Late Late Show. She'll be chatting with Craig Ferguson Thursday, 11:30 PM CST on the CBS television network.

For some of us it's 11:35 p.m. CST (so as not to confuse people who tune in at 11:30 exactly and find Dave still on). Or 12:30-35 a.m. Friday Eastern and Pacific Time. I'm still in the taping-Dave-and-Craig-to-support-the-writers mode so I don't even have to set it up special.

That reminds me, wasn't Nathan supposed to appear on one of these shows just as the strike hit? I wonder if they'll let him reschedule now that DH is done. I'm thinking it was probably Dave since he had already done Craig (and enjoyed it a lot, if I remember rightly ;-D)
I just saw the title in my feed reading and though something horrible had happened!
I thought she had died as well. I'll change the subject line.
Ok, so Julie wasn't on The Sauce today, but she is scheduled for The View next Tuesday (1/22)

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cabri, it was Craig's show (again) that Nathan was scheduled to appear on last November. A quick search shows the taping was scheduled for 11/7, and cancelled 11/5, which was the start of the strike.

On-topic, I wonder if she'll be discussing the repurposing of "Dexter" on CBS. Saw my first network ad for that last night during "Comanche Moon." Still can't imagine that show running on network TV, but I might tune in to the first episode out of morbid curiosity!
Anyhting can be cut to network standards;they were able to edit _The Damned_ into _The Darned_ for CBS.

God, wish I'd seen t he original title :-).
Oh, gosh, I love that new tag. LOL

If I remember correctly, DaddyCatALSO, it was "The Late Late Julie Benz".
thanks, cabri; sounds like somebody was either in too much of a hurry or being too clever by half or both (this comment, mind you, coming from a guy who once said with no intent of joking "The flies were bugging me.")

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So, if the DGA deal foreshadows a soon-to-be-inked WGA deal, will CBS cancel Dexter before it even airs? Or is this a done deal?

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