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January 17 2008

Two new photos from Redbelt. has two new exclusive photos from the set of Chiwetel Ejiofor's upcoming film Redbelt, written and directed by David Mamet.

The description goes: "An American samurai film set in the world of mixed martial arts, Redbelt is a story about the limits of a single man's integrity." It opens April 25, and also stars Tim Allen, Alice Braga, Emily Mortimer, Rodrigo Santoro, Rebecca Pidgeon, and Randy Couture. Intriguing.

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Could he get cooler? Not without risking frostbite.
CE is just such a hottie. And I love Tim Allen. I will see this movie.
Wow, Tim Allen, Chiwetel Ejiofor and David Mamet ? Kind of an odd combination, clearly this is a film that has to be seen ;).

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