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January 17 2008

"He's very clever, Joss Whedon". David Tennant reveals his love for all things Firefly and Serenity in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

Dear god. David Tennant likes Joss Whedon. I'm in fangirl heaven.
It's always cool to know people I'm a fan of are also fans of other things that I'm a huge fan of. It's like entertainment justification or something. :)
Could you imagine what the two of them would produce if they worked together...
David Tennant as the Big Bad in "Serenity II?"
Personally I could see him as a Little Bad like Badger.

"It's very wet, the sea."
I've just seen the Christmas Special, Tennant is terrific, as usual.
Good to know he has great tastes too.
I'd heard about this a while back, but didn't have a link on hand to post anything here. Thanks, Simon! Just goes to show that David Tennant is indeed a geek of the highest caliber.
Dear God in heaven - when fandoms collide like this, I think more kindly about humans in general.
So cool! I just saw the Christmas special as well, and was reminded how much I love the show. I agree with ceo about "entertainment justification" -- like hearing that Joss is a fan of House and Stephen Sondheim. It feels great when people that I admire share some of my tastes :)
That's so great to know. I love Tennant's Doctor. Mention of Buffy, too!

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I'm fabulously tickled!
Joss directing DW and Torchwood (or better yet, writing for an episode)... *drool*
And just when I thought I could not possibly have a bigger crush on David Tennant . . .
Fangirl squee!
Oh my... Two big fandoms colliding, millions of possibilities! This makes 2008 a good year :)
*flails about in happiness*

This is just one of the best things I've ever heard. Ever. It's nice to see one brilliant artist respecting another!
Speaking of Doctor Who, anyone seen the first episode, season two of the Spinoff Torchwood? Very suprising James Marsters, almost Spike like (what with his British accent and all)

Well, almost Spike like O.o
Krusher - we had a whole thread about it here.
I'd love Joss to direct a Who episode, but only if he can write it. The Christmas Special had the biggest Deus ex machina ever. The Doctor saves the day by doing something that was never mentioned, never suggested, never hinted at and just completely made no sense whatsoever.
I read about this a few days ago. I didn't think it was possible for DT to be more perfect, but it seems I am overruled.

And I concur, I'd love to see Joss direct an ep of DW. That, that would be just amazing.

BTW, zz9, I thought the christmas special was nothing compared to the s3 finale.

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*imagines the rampant squeeing that would arise from a DT/JW project*

Good to know the man has impeccable taste.
I love Who and Torchwood and they carry the Joss spirit very well. He'd be a perfect fit for writing or directing their shows.
Very cool news. I was raving about David Tennant's acting about 20 years ago (well according to my grandmother anyway, I can't remember - I was tiny and it was at Sunday School), so it's been great to see how well his career has gone. That he likes Firefly, Serenity and Buffy is so awesome – how about him as a young Giles in flashbacks in Ripper? Really hope someone's told him about his appearance in the Buffy comic.
You're not a Buddy by any chance cypher ?

(cos I was born and raised not far from Paisley and my Mum and Dad have been to a service given by David Tennant/MacDonald's father, apparently he was minister or something at the church they got married in for a while. Me and fame ? We're like that *does finger thing* ;)
Really hope someone's told him about his appearance in the Buffy comic.

Huh now?
Of course DT thinks Joss is great (he is), RTD takes all his best stuff from him... ehem, I mean the shows have some similarities.
"He's very clever, Joss Whedon".

Preaching to the choir, Davey, preaching to the choir...
Huh now?
There's a cameo of the Doctor on the second-to-last page of issue 6. I squeed every much when I saw it.
There's a cameo of the Doctor on the second-to-last page of issue 6. I squeed every much when I saw it.

I must have totally missed that.
One word: Brilliant.
And Tony Head's been a fan of the Doctor since it started.

Small worlds, indeed.

Ooh! There's a title for a crossover fic! "Small Worlds, Indeed." Shadow hurries off, rubbing her hands together, a mad glint in her eye as she imagines The Doctor meeting The Slayer.
Ooooooo, indeed I am, Saje and this next bit might get a little scary.

David Tennant's father, Sandy McDonald, was the minister at my local church, St. Mark's, in Ralston (east edge of Paisley) when I was young. So as a child I went to lots of services given by him (and even as an atheist now, I'd still say he was an excellent minister) and he actually married my parents at St. Mark’s.

Am I guessing wrongly or did our parents get married in the same church? If so, whedonesque is a small place . . .
Whedonesque - bringing people together (tm).
You guys should definitely trademark that zeitgeist then just sit back and watch the money pile up. 1 money is still a pile, right ? ;)

Am I guessing wrongly or did our parents get married in the same church?

Ah, now you're asking cypher, i'd have to check with the mater, it ended in 'ston' so it might well be but Neilston is ringing vague bells (and would probably make more sense, my Mum's from Barrhead) - either way, small world indeed ;).

(i'm from Johnstone for my sins BTW - hey, no-one's perfect ;) - and got dragged along to Elderslie Kirk as a boy. And even though I too "saw the dark" or whatever happens when you decide you don't believe, i've still a lot of time for CoS ministers - in my experience they're generally pretty down-to-Earth and human)
Whedonesque - bringing people together (tm).

On this point BTW, have you looked in the James Marsters/Dragonball thread recently zeitgeist ? I think your one-man mission to bring capitalisation to the masses may have hit a speed-bump ;).
I was going to say 'Except about capitalization', but that lacked the same ring :)

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