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"Adios to five hit points. Trogdor has badly wounded you."
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June 01 2003

(SPOILER) The full AtS 5.1 "script" for teaser and first act Still up for debate as to whether it's real or not.

At the very least, it's fun to read.

Heh, that was good.
This is enough to prove it's not a Joss script:


Spike is still smiling--LAUGHING even--as he is eaten from inside by the power. The world falls away from beneath him, when suddenly...



He'd never write that. Neither would any of his writers. I mean, God, cheesy. The all-caps and the clumsy parathentical clause and the exclamation point... No way. Fake. So very fake.

Then there's this: "POV of an unseen figure, prone on his/her back."

First off, "POV" generally isn't used grammatically, as a phrase, in scripts, and secondly -- this person doesn't know the meaning of the word "prone." "Prone" means lying facedown. "Supine" means lying on your back.

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Why would a real writer bring back Knox and not even give him a speaking line? The role is that of a non-descript extra, but it is pointed out to be a previously seen character for the fans' sake. Fake.
Detailed shot blocking in an early draught script? Not in a million years.
That script reeks of badly written fanfic to moi. It's vey much not the real thing.....or at least I hope, cause that idea completely sucks!!

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