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January 17 2008

James Marsters speaks to TV Guide about 'Dragonball'. "In the January 21-28, 2008 issue of TV Guide actor James Marsters (Spike, Buffy/Angel, Brainiac, Smallvile) spoke about his involvement in 'Dragonball', a live action adaptation of the Weekly Shonen JUMP title by Akira Toriyama (directed and written by James Wong)".

WHAT?! They are actually gonna do that finally?!
OMG, this is gonna suck so bad... Good for James that he's excited about it, but I'm just not buying into it... Why can't they make Neon Genesis Evangelion already? *sigh*
...Or Trigun, or Cowboy Bebop. And definitely Full Metal Alchemist.

Still, I haven't given up hope yet. There were some cool storylines in DBZ. My worry is that they won't transfer over to live-action very well.
Or Scooby Doo, X-Men, Asterix or........

Can't wait to find out if he will be green. *g*
Love Marsters (who RAWKED Torchwood last night), but I'm really, really sick of movies based on comic books. and I sure as hell won't be going to one that's based on an admittedly cute and clever manga.

Hollywood? there are many, many good ideas floating around out there. (just ask Joss! please!) it would be nice if you started doing the worthwhile work that once made American cinema great, again. two Fantastic Four movies are enough, thanks.

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I can't wait to see this :D
FYI - James is appearing on a new episode of Without A Trace, tonight on CBS.
A childhood love (Dragon Ball) meets with one of my favorite actors from my favorite show. Can't beat it, can you?
I've always loved Dragonball, and I think James is awesome... but I still can't get behind this movie.
I've never seen DB so I have no expectations or hang-up about it. So yay, I can just look forward to big screen James in a big budget movie.

Life as a JM fan is good. So much to look forward to. This, WAT, SV, the Ted Bundy film, yet more Torchwood. He totally owned that episode the other night.
Yeah, I love all the vastly different stuff he's doing. And although most of Without a Trace was tedious last night, the James bits were gorgeous.

let me simply ask this question, first, in public where some of the rest of the community might see it.

how, and why, was my comment edited by zeitgeist...

[ edited by zeitgeist -grammar nazi strikes again- on 2008-01-18 05:08 ]


this is more than a little unnerving. zeitgeist? I'd appreciate anything you might have to say, please.
Comparing the capitalisation in the edited post and your most recent one i'd say it was purely for that annagranfors (unless you've noticed content changes).

It's in the site rules that we capitalise, paragraph etc. as best we can to make it easier for others to read ;).
ah. thanks for the explanation, Saje. :)

and no drama meant, but I won't be posting here again, then. Whedonesque has my e-mail addy, I'm sure, and at very least could have e-mailed me before making changes to *anything* I've written. (I've posted here, using a non-capitalization flourish, for a good few years, now.)

I'm simply not about to accept censorship, even of a mild, patronizing nature, like this. there's entirely too much of that about lately, and I won't participate, especially as recipient.

[ edited by zeitgeist -to remove signature- on 2008-01-18 18:11 ]
annagranfors - it was simply to capitalize. You'll note that I just edited your post above mine to remove your sign off as Caroline has also decreed that we do not sign our posts. Its not censorship, but rather an attempt to make posts readable for other people. Its a matter of clarity, not one of editing for content.

Don't sign your posts. Your (nick)name will appear below your post automatically. That means no sigs/quotes, etc.

You've presumably read these site rules and by posting here you are agreeing to follow them. If it were a problem other than capitalizing a word I certainly would have emailed you. I hope that you will reconsider leaving, but understand if you feel you must depart.
I understand the desire for capitalization, but seeing how she or he has been here for a few years without any edited posts, couldn't you at least give her a heads up? You can't tell me it would take an unacceptable amount of time to do so.

You can edit MY posts, though. I'm awesomely passive like that. Not to say that you'd have to be passive to be okay with that. ::digs herself deeper...:: :D

And... I never watched Dragonball Z as a kid, so I have no idea where this will go. Turning anime and manga into a live action movie in general, however, just seems... odd. I'll be looking into it on DVD just to see how they did - and it won't be a, "Were they true to the original" thing, it'll be more of a, "Did they make a decent movie in general" thing.

[ edited by ShamelessSingingRennie on 2008-01-18 18:39 ]
We're certainly not interested in having people leave over capitalizing a word here or there. I'm going to go back to reminder comments/emails rather than a direct edit for matters of readability and see how that goes as it will no doubt feel less intrusive to people. Anyone who wants to discuss further, feel free to email me about it, I'm more than happy to discuss.
ah. I see. perhaps Whedonesque should then address other concerns re: readability. no offense to you, zeitgeist, but you utilize the contraction "it's" twice in the above post without the grammatically-correct apostrophe. I was confused.

and no offense to the original poster of this thread, but the show's name is "Smallville", not "Smallvile" as written. I wasn't sure, for a second, whether perhaps another show was meant.

and look (presumably) just below the last post on this page, in the advertising box ("Ads by Google"). why, Marsters' own last name is incorrectly lower-case! although, perhaps if I clicked on the advertisement, it would lead me to a Not-Marsters somewhere.

and that's just on this page.

but, of course, grammar and spelling shouldn't be "corrected", even if one had the time to do so, in an era when the error is simply largely accepted as an "alternate" usage.

I had to shake my head at the irony involved in your (zeitgeist's) removal of my formal signature (which was "sincerely, Anna Granfors", for those who didn't get a chance to see it). I chose that carefully, to express my sincerity about the sentiments contained therein, but unfortunately that expression has been "disappeared".

I had read the site rules, yes. and, as with many other rules in this life that make no sense to me, I had ignored them. I have utilized a non-capitalized style all of my life (as have many others, including many well-known and well-respected writers, as you well know), and not had it even critiqued until now.

so, yes. because Whedonesque belongs, after all, to its webmasters/mistresses, they certainly can create and enforce any site rules they so choose. I'm saddened, truly, but rules that even veer towards censorship--**and the removal and/or alteration of anything I've written, for whatever reason, without my consent, is censorship; make no doubt about it**--I cannot and will not reconsider leaving.

feel free to capitalize the appropriate characters in this comment, so as to ensure maximum readability.

(god, somebody must have *hated* e.e. cummings in high school or something. oh, if correcting this comment later, I wouldn't capitalize his name, though. accepted rules of style would frown upon it heavily.)
Damn! I didn't notice the Smallville typo. I just took the description as a direct quote from the site I linked to, so they were the one that actually did he typo.
Annagranfors, we edit posts all the time, especially frontpage ones. We clean them up, correct spelling, rewrite headlines to make them catchier. And we tell people to use proper spelling and capitalisation all the time and have done so from the start. That's the way this site works, and that's the way we've maintained the quality of discussion here. We put a lot of work into that.

If you didn't know that already, you can't have been paying much attention.
We absolutely should address concerns of readability no matter who is at fault, and we endeavor to do so. How AdSense chooses to perceive and insert things is a bit out of our control, however. If you spot other problems, please mention them to the OP or a mod/admin as you have done with the Smallvile (Freudian slip?) typo above. Also, yes, e.e. cummings is an abomination in the eyes of my dear and fluffy lord since before high school :) If you choose to ignore the rules you don't think make sense, then sometimes people will call you on it, even if they failed to in the past.
Nooo..I missed Without a Trace...does anyone know if there is a rerun this weekend??
zeitgeist: I haven't changed my mind about posting. after this exchange (however long it lasts), you won't see any.

Caroline: first of all, whether intentionally or not, you have incorrectly capitalized my screenname in your response. the correct spelling utilizes the lower-case, as I'm sure you might surmise. (I would never be so bold as to miscapitalize someone's name.) regarding your "edit(ing) posts all the time", of course I'm aware of that. some posts (not comments, but posts) I've made at Whedonesque have even helpfully been removed, usually because I unintentionally replicated some earlier-posted information. I quite understood the rationale behind the removal, in those cases. with other front-page posts I've made, you will notice, I followed Whedonesque's style considerations and capitalized where I normally wouldn't have, in order to maintain the desired stylistic consistency.

however, as long as I've been here, when "relaxing" in comments, I have reverted to my normal personal style considerations. as far as I'm aware, it had never been an issue. this morning, however, that changed, and not with a request for adherence to Whedonesque rules, but with an alteration to my comment. as stated above, this IS your webpage, and you may certainly run it the way you see fit. I don't like censorship, even (especially) in small doses, and may react to it as I see fit. (you might argue that I was not censored, merely altered, and I would suggest that the distinction is a very small and slippery one.)

(and if you really mean what you've said about proper spelling, then you'd better get to work. there's a LOT of criminal offenses floating around Whedonesque.)

zeitgeist, again: the rules I choose to ignore, I do with no small amount of personal ethical consideration. your bank robbery simile doesn't apply. (and your pronouncement of "consequences" is patronizing in the extreme, as is your suggestion of fewer paragraphs.) and of course you can't correct AdSense; they give you money, and I don't. makes all the difference in the world. you could demonstrate how deeply you believe in the issue by refusing their sponsorship if they didn't correct their misspelling, but hey, a buck's a buck.

and don't think that the possibility that I was making too much of this, that I should just let it slide and comply hasn't occurred to me. let it slide--comply. let it slide--comply.

no, thanks.

(ps--I notice, just as I'm about to hit "post", that zeitgeist has edited his comment at 18:45 fairly extensively. the original was simply "Anyone who wants to discuss further, feel free to email me about it." that's now been amended to what amounts to a change of policy as regards the editing of comments. this is a good thing. it doesn't address my issue [the "incorrect" usage of capitalization, which I have no plans to revise], but I commend zeitgeist for doing the right thing, here.)
Nope, Jonas, I don't see last night's W/OAT scheduled for rerun any time in the next week in my area, but locals may do it different from time to time, so all hope is not totally lost.

If it soothes the hurt at all, JM only had a couple short scenes (rats!) and (very mild spoiler)
Not going off topic but (Freudian slip?) *snickers nastily* I vote for that! I make mistakes all the time, why haven't I ever made that mistake? *pout*

As for DB, I've said before that the only drama of an anime/manga I've ever seen was a few of Detective Conan (and it was done for comedy, or at least I hope it was because I couldn't not laugh! If you ask me, anime is meant for animation/drawing and as much I would love to see Naruto or a number of fave animes come to life, Id just die if they massacre it ala American comics go Hollywood). But like everything else, I will watch this for my man James and hope that others (maybe, just maybe) finally see him for the great and talented actor he is and give him more prominent roles. I'm hopeful for this (never saw the anime so dont have any expectations to it) because he's a lead in this, he will make it his own, and hopefully will get the reorganization he deserves.
annagranfors - I did indeed add to one post and edit the other as my thoughts evolved and (in the case of the second one) the worry that the jokiness of the post would be taken as hostile/overly sarcastic rather than an attempt to soften it. Its not a policy change, its an attempt to find the best way to enforce the policy while being less disruptive to the site and its users. The large and not at all slippery distinction is that your post was changed by one letter going from lower case to upper case, altering your meaning and intent not one jot. I'm sorry you feel patronized when I ask you to simply follow the rules that you've known about for years, but I guess it won't be a problem now.

p.s. - for clarity, the edits you refer to happened well before 18:45.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2008-01-18 22:31 ]
Truly speechless about the notion of a capitalization as grievous censorship and am trying not to think of Anna Politkovskaya and others. Sharing our "normal personal styles" with the rest of Whedonesque is not what we agreed to when we signed up here and surely Spikebad didn't post this cool link to trigger an ill-mannered discussion on which site rules we wish to follow or flout. Instead, "The admins' word is law. Board rules, policy and implementation will not be discussed on site. Please do not argue with the admins. If you have complaints, e-mail us."

Take it off-line, and let's get back to Dragonball .
I am not looking forward to DZ for myself, but I certainly hope it is a huge success for JM's sake. My son will be thrilled if it is any good at all, because he loves DZ. I will be thrilled if it is any good at all, since I will probably both have to go see it for my son and want to go see it for JM. (fingers crossed)

Now the off topic discussion has got me thinking.

A name spelled with a small letter by someone who does not believe in capitalization still seems like it should be capitalized if it is the first word of a sentence written by someone who does believe in capitalization. It is not the name that is being capitalized, after all, but the first word of the sentence. Just a thought.

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