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January 17 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch opens the floor again for "Angel: After The Fall" questions. Big spoilers for anyone not caught up through ATF #3 in the questions that have already been asked.

Questions are being accepted through Friday, January 18th, and will again be answered in an upcoming podcast.

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I love Brian's interaction with the fans. As if it already wasn't incredibly easy to get attached to the characters, now we get to communicate with the people who give them their voices. It's wonderful!
Comic Book Resources has some new Angel art, but no real new Angel comic book info. Didn't feel necessary to add to main page. It looks really good, on par with some pages seen earlier this week from the "First Night" mini.
It's really cool of Brian to do this for us common folk. Thanks, man!
I'm loving these podcast-ey type things...

One of those questions was really interesting, about the whole family tree thing... In terms of sire/child blather, Spike is kind of Connor's uncle, although Angel isn't really his own Grandfather... it is all very complex.

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