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"I'm Kiki. I don't know how I got here, I sorta don't care... am I drunk?"
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June 01 2003

Go ahead -- call him Giles. ASH doesn't mind.

No new information, really. But it's notable for that damn sexy photograph. Yum.

and Prolific didn't post this? Something's wrong on Saturn 3.
Small article, nothing newsworthy, bla bla. Syndicated article too - I think somebody did post it from another source.
Sorry if I offended. I just think of you as Master Of All Things Giles, especially on this site.
No offence taken.

Master of All Things Giles sounds good.
Sorry if it is a duplicate link/story. I looked back quite a bit and didn't see it posted elsewhere.
Ah, okay, I found the original posting. Again, sorry. But the photo is included in this article and not the first, so hey, new content, right?
Heh. Photo good.

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