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January 18 2008

Happy Birthday, Buffy. According to fan research, Buffy's birthday falls between yesterday and the twentieth.

I thought that January 19th was the generally accepted birthday. I know I'm definitely celebrating. Friends are coming over for a party. And raspberry chocolate mousse cake :-)
Happy birthday, Buffy!
One wonders why the gang didn't put Buffy's actual birth and death on the headstone.
January 19 was the airdate of both "Surprise" and "Helpless" I think, and some later episode shows her birthdate briefly (on a computer screen maybe?) as 1-19-81. Although I think there's a first-season episode that has her birthday on some piece of paper as being in the summer. I don't remember.
Yeah, I thought it was the 19th, too. My birthday is the day after. Yay for being on the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius. :)
Except, of course, when it's either October 24, 1980 or May 6, 1979, as per computer screens in consecutive (obviously apocryphal) scenes in "I, Robot... You, Jane"....
I remember in "Welcome to the Hellmouth", the Principal says she is 16 years old. So, I think January 19th, 1981 is officially Buffy Day.
My wife would be shocked to learn that it's not the 19th -- which is also hers! (Mine is a day later, and five years earlier.)
Oh dear, I just know my family are going to be giving me strange looks when I announce this fact in the morning...
It celebrates the show's birthday, but I think if we threw her a party it'd be a little like this.
Happy Birthday, Buffy!!!!
Happy birthday, fortunateizzi, htom, and maybe Buffy!
Do we know how old Principal Wood's Mom (the Slayer) was when she died? What is the oldest known Slayer from official sources (aka Joss or the writers from the show)?
Well a have a happy b-day Buffster! How old is she now? 27!?!?! Holy crap!
Happy Birthday, Buffy!

And happy birthday, fortunateizzi!
Except, of course, when it's either October 24, 1980 or May 6, 1979, as per computer screens in consecutive (obviously apocryphal) scenes in "I, Robot... You, Jane"....

Vague That Up , I always found that perplexing as well.

But Happy Birthday, Buffy...whatever day it is!
Serious nit picking here, but I've been a professional astrologer for half my life. The cusp .... the day that one sign changes to another .... is almost always either the 20th, 21st or 22nd of the month, in most of the northern hemisphere. Occasionally signs will change on the 19th and rarely (almost always in February, when it happens)on the 18th.
So "Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius" would be sometime between January 19th and 22nd, depending on the year of birth.

I actually checked my ephemeris and in 1981, it was on January 19th.

So happy birthday Buffy, and fortunateizzi too. :-)
Happy birthday Buffy!

Inspired by Shey I`ve axed some from the horoscope of 19 jan 1981:

Sun in Capricorn

You are much more serious than others your age. On the one hand, you like being taken seriously and enjoy having responsibility, but on the other hand you see that other young people aren't saddled with such responsibilities, and you tend to envy them.

You may develop a rather odd and unusual sense of humor. Through jokes and humor, you show that you recognize the seriousness of life, but you also escape from its overwhelming effects.

Venus Square Saturn

This aspect is often difficult to handle in that the demands of the world always seem to get in the way of having fun and receiving love and affection from others. You often feel that persons or circumstances are forcing you to do things that you do not want to do.

Sometimes this aspect means that you feel lonely, usually because you believe you are not worthy of love. That is not true, but once this idea is fixed in your mind, it is difficult for anyone to talk you out of it.

Neptune in the Eighth House

You see mysterious forces at work in ordinary everyday events that others can see only the surface of. But you must be careful, because you can become rather morbidly obsessed and scared by the strange fantasies that you concoct.
The best solution for these problems is to take up some activity that completely involves both your body and mind and absorbs the energy that would otherwise go into these negative emotional states.

Mars in Aquarius

Rather than working according to established patterns, you want to find your own way, which you hope will be better. As a result you are quite inventive and original

As you get older you will be concerned with the greater good of society. You are quite capable of directing your efforts to goals that will not benefit you personally but will benefit others. Even while you are young, you resent authority.

Mars Trine Pluto

You do not usually start fights, but you won't back down from one either. You have a great deal of courage and will stand up for your beliefs all your life.

Sun Opposition Moon

You will learn to understand yourself through opposition to the world and other people, perhaps in good-natured competition with friends, perhaps through fighting. The form of your opposition is up to you.

;) well, but itīs so funny.
Annoou that is just trippy. :-)
I always assumed that it was the 19th, but only because that's my birthday as well.

And yes, I did get unusually excited about sharing my birthday with a fictional character.
Happy birthday, williamthebloody1880 and cusp-woman!
lol, Annou, I almost don't believe you that is so perfect!

What's your source ;)
Wow, thanks Annou :) Happy Birthday Buffy!
Happy birthday B ! Take a day off lass, get back to saving the world tomorrow, it'll still be there. Probably.

Hah, cool Annoou, makes me curious about horoscopes for October 24, 1980 or May 6, 1979. I have a suspicion we might see a lot of similarities there too, if we looked hard enough ;).

And happy birthday for tomorrow fortunateizzi, that's also my little brother's birthday ;).
Happy Birthday, Buf!
When I read the headline "Happy Birthday, Buffy," I couldn't help but hear it in Drusilla's voice--a greeting she delivered right after dusting Angel in Buffy's pre-birthday dream.
Belated Happy B-day, Buffy.

The only fictional character I share a birthday with is the crazy woman that is the mother of the psychopathic cop in Stephen King's The Dead Zone. Yep.
And maybe Sara Connor. (Unless I am completely wrong about that. But someone on a new TV show just recently mentioned their birthday and I'm sure it was the same as mine and I'm slightly positive it was during the first episode of the Sara Connor Chronicles.)

PS anniem, you gave me goosebumps.
A late thank you from both Spice & I.

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