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"That's right! Just dial 1-800-CHOSEN-1 to meet girls who have this alarming yet fun condition."
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January 19 2008

Win a trip to meet Sarah Michelle Gellar. Contest to win a trip to NYC to meet a secret celebrity -who happens to be our own SMG.

This is my first post. Hope someone finds this relevant.

The fact that you can't even type her full name into the "Who is it?" field amuses me.
I love how it says "See all the footage from the photo shoot" for each celebrity, but you can only get two pictures of each. Surely more photos were taken.
Yeah Sarahlove, its pretty funny. I had to write Sarah MichelleGellar. How weird.
Also, in the list of what the grand prize winner receives, you get tickets to a party where you'll get a "chance" to meet her. I guess it means she may be there, and she may not.
I dropped an 'l' from her middle name. Jerrod's right, though, they don't explicitly promise she'll be available, do they?

I feel like such a doof for entering. But... it's Sarah.
Ohh..thanks very much for the info :)

Now if you win but already live in NYC, do you get a free flight? ;)

And would that Vaseline deal be a new one for her?
Hells yes, I entered. Even if I don't get to meet Sarah, it's still a free trip to NYC which I've never been to. I really hope if I win it's not in June because I'm supposed to be having a baby June.
Ha, I put Sarah M. Gellar. I was so excited when I saw the ad for this contest in People, and it said something like "She was acting since she was 4 and attended school in New York", and I was immediately like "Ohhhh it's Sarah!" I was less than thrilled when the website mentioned something about starring opposite an Angel. I mean, sheesh, give it away why don't you, Vaseline!
I mean, sheesh, give it away why don't you, Vaseline!

Also naming one of the video files "SMG" might be a hint ;)
So the winner gets to go to a Vaseline party where Sarah will be attending?

I'll be in my bunk...

> ; )
LOL at malformed!

For those who aren't lucky enough to win a chance to see her in person, you can check out these pics of her looking lovely on the red carpet at the premiere of The Air I Breathe.

Looky Here
Thanks, BrewBunny. She looks stunning as usual. Love the dress!
Dress ? She was wearing a dress ?
Wow! Nothing else needed to say.
I want to see some of these ads, with face included.....

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