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January 20 2008

Julie Benz survived camp Stallone - NY Daily News. "I was terrified, because someone had told me that if they think you smell good, they'll eat you!".

Maybe I need new glasses but that does not look like Julie Benz in that pic.
Oh it is, she dyed her hair brown for a role. But her face DOES look a little different. Maybe it's the happy smile? So use to seeing the evil smile right before she tears someone's throat out.
The predicament she describes being in does seems appropriate coming from a Whedonverse veteran. It is an eat or be eaten world out there.
She does look a bit different (though that said, pretty sure I do need glasses, keep meaning to get them checked), being a brunette a) suits her and b) changes the apparent shape of her face slightly (maybe just through shadowing). Wonder if that's closer to her natural colour ?

And I reckon Darla and Rita are sort of two sides of the same coin - one's apparently very weak but has real inner strength and one's apparently very strong but has an inner vulnerability.
I can see her in that pic, but she's way more made up than we usually see her. Neither Darla nor Rita, nor her distressed housewife in the iffy mini-series Taken, were very glammed up character.

Far as face shape goes, I always thought she looked a lot different in Season 1 of Buffy than in every subsequent appearance. From her Season 2 "Becoming" flashback and onward, she seemed to have lost weight to get more Hollywood-style slim, whereas her face seemed a bit fuller in Buffy Season 1.

I don't mean to dwell on the actor's weight, usually gets annoying when other folks obsess over it, but I did feel it worth pointing out that Julie's a bit of a chameleon.

I have never seen a Rambo flick, nor a Rocky. Been curious about both for years, just haven't got around to 'em yet.
Good interview and WOW! that has to be the prettiest still picture I've ever seen of her. I mean, maybe it's the lighting, maybe I've juts never seen her shot from that angle but she's always seemed that her beauty doesn't come thru in still pics. (KAren Black was the same way.)

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