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January 20 2008

Angel: After the Fall exclusive #5 cover. The BCC exclusive cover that features two very powerful women.

Congrats to Jean Douglas for the winning concept!

VERY cool cover. Make me glad I joined the BCC.
Congratulations, on the concept, but I had to read what it was. They look like the same person in two different outfits. There is Illyria's outfit, but not her face, and the other side is not Fred, but seems to have the same face. I thought maybe someone was going to be dressing up as Illyria.
I have to agree with newcj. It's a nice concept, but there's no resemblance to the characters.
Could be that they are evenly matched.

Ummm Illyria for the win? Unless Gwen's mutant powers are affected by being in hell which I really can't see.
I wasn't sure it was even really an angel cover.... :( I really don't like it... :(
This has probably been discussed but I'll ask anyway. Has the art improved since the first issue? because the whole t&a/too dark/resemblance thing just put me off a book I was really looking forward to. I have to agree this cover while a cool concept - me no likey :(.
Nope, eth3er, it's the exact same art as the first issue, we just change the word balloons. It's a risky move but it's saving us a TON on art costs.
Don't believe Brian Lynch, eth3er. The problem with the color being too dark was fixed in the second issue. Resemblance issues are in the eye of the beholder. At this point I think they are generally okay to very good. I have not been a big fan of the way the women's bodies have been drawn, but that is supposed to be addressed sometime soon.

Have we already seen the regular cover for this one? I'll have to go look.
The cover looks pretty cool. Although I have to agree with everyone about the resemblance thing. I still think that the #4 Spike cover was the best BCC fan made cover.
"Nope, eth3er, it's the exact same art as the first issue, we just change the word balloons. It's a risky move but it's saving us a TON on art costs."

Interestingly, this really was just used by Joss and John Cassaday in AXM.
Stunning BCC cover. Daddy likes....Gotta say don't understand the dissension (sp) over the Angel Urru artwork. It is fascinating and for me truly different. This Angel ATF series has more than met my expectations. Kudos to all. Of course who would not want to see more episodes on the telly.
And '?' as Champion as a 'red herring' 'H? H?' with the wonderfully drawn, yes scantily clad, ladies fits the story.
I'm not sure that I'm down with a Gwen vs. Illyria throwdown (as I've said elsewhere, Illyria just needs to spend 4 pages fighting the dragon in every issue, and then a panel to make a snarky comment about Spike). But, the cover is awesome.

Brian, if you'd share, what do you know or think of the artistic choice to distinguish them as red and blue like this? Blue is obviously associated with Illryia, and Gwen's most commonly seen outfit is red, but is it meant to run deeper or be significant in any way (not for you to spoil, but just if it is significant)? I guess I just never thought of Gwen's power and personality as particularly "red", I guess, if that makes sense.
I didn't know about this cover until it was posted today, so I'm afraid I don't have any info for ya. Sorry.
So, at least, if it has plot significance, you haven't thought it up yet. That's valid.
Gwen would be no match for Illyria. Our favorite Smurf can survive a dragon fire blast without a scratch, so I'm sure the electricity would pose no threat. The concept is kinda cool, but I agree with everyone else, there is no likeness.

I'd rather just stare at Illyria the whole time.
King this cover has nothing to do with what the main theme of issue 5 is about. It seems the fans that are producing these covers aren't sticking very closely to the issue briefs.

I think this is a very dynamic image, and makes a great cover...except it doesn't look like either character, sadly.
Impressive cover, altho my image was too small to make out faces.

As I said, I'm officially hooked for "the now," at least. But i wonder if the scantily-clad females chained around the lord in Iss #1 were demons themselves, more-or-less voluntary huamn worshippers, or Angelinas enslaved by force? If the third, then seriously Gunn can't even be kidding himself that he's still basically a good guy. I mean, even he couldn't believe that much.
I think the artwork in the comics is pretty great. It sets the mood of the story so well, and I personally like that the characters aren't drawn with perfect likeness to the actors. I am relatively new to comics, but I am loving the way the art tells as much of a story as the dialogue.

And Illyria could totally kick Gwen's ass. Puhhhlease.

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