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January 20 2008

Serenity Trailer, fan-made in Halo 3. Really rather well done, and works remarkably well.

No cameos from Nathan, Adam, or Alan, though.

That is nicely done.
Very nice. That was fun.
Really nice; Enjoyed that alot. :)
Cute. The original Serenity trailer is still one of my favourite theatrical trailers of all time. It's a shame they didn't include it on the Collector's Edition DVD (unless of course they did, and I missed it somehow).
Hah awesome. Brings back memories of all that anticipation of the movie.
HA! That was kind of awesome. Very well done.
Very nice. Doesn't Mal snap the Operative's neck at the end? Ah, if only. Wouldn't have been much of story though, if he'd had.
Gotta love Sarah.
Ekk! On the wrong post, sorry!
That was incredibly, incredibly awesome. Somebody should send this to Nathan and Alan.
They'd get a kick out of it I reckon.

Still holding out for a 'Red vs Blue' guest starring Alan and Nathan - I bet they'd do it if asked.
i'm going to lay down and die now.

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