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June 02 2003

Seth Green slams tabloid story that he doesn't get along with SMG. "I'm insulted to say the least....I respect and love her". Plus the real reason why he didn't appear in the finale.

Cause they never asked him which makes perfect sense.

Saw 'The Italian Job' this weekend and Seth was adorable. A real class act.
They may not have asked him for the final episode but Whedon does talk abot wanting him to appear in the final season during one of the numeorus exit interviews last month.
I swear that I saw pictures and an interview with SG from the wrap party. Am I dreaming about Seth Greeeeeen? Ewsh, that would be... new.
Seth Green was at the wrap party but SMG was not.

As for wanting Oz to come back, Whedon mentions wanting Oz back but not having the money for it in his exit interview with which I would link everyone to(as well as photos from the wrap party) but can't because I am a total & complete computer moron.

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