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January 21 2008

Summer Glau talks about being a Terminator. She also mentions how she handles critical reviews, as well as what it's like to be one of "Joss' girls".

...then I read one that says I'm ugly...

Is that even possible? It's like, beyond blind.
I remember when I first started working for Joss he tried to explain to me what his fans were like.

What do you suppose he said? "Wonderful and amazing" or "creepy and fanatic"? ;)
I really, really like how often she brings up Joss in the interview. She seems to show a genuine appreciation for him. It's kinda nice.
I bet it was "amazingly creepy and wonderfully fanatic."
What do you suppose he said? "Wonderful and amazing" or "creepy and fanatic"? ;)

"Wonderful and amazing" definitely. As in, "I never cease to be amazed at how creepy and fanatic they are, it really makes you wonder about humanity" ;-).

...then I read one that says I'm ugly...

Is that even possible? It's like, beyond blind.

Yeah I suspect that was a strictly hypothetical comment intended to highlight how reviews make her feel because I just can't imagine an article ever describing Summer as anything other than stunning (though i've noticed a few of the T:TSCC reviews mentioning how limber she is - which I guess we see a bit of in some of the fight scenes but those aside, doesn't seem all that germane).

Nice interview. I like how she was realistic about the strike related silver lining for the show but also caring enough to feel bad about it.
Joss's girls! Ha! I love it! I always knew that Joss was James Bond in disguise.

Also, I greatly prefer Joss's girls to Bond girls.
I have a friend who I'd been lobbying for years to watch Serenity or Firefly and he always blew me off. I talked to him right after the Sunday/Monday episodes aired and wouldn't you know he asked me if that wasn't the girl who was in the movie I was always going on about. And he said he may just rent that the next time he got videos. Score 1 for Summer! :D
I hope the best for Summer in this, but I have to say...last night, driving on Hollywood Blvd, it was downright creepy seeing her on the side of a building with no arms and legs.

And now that I'm caught up with T1 and T2, I can watch her show.
Yes jcs, because once people start to leave the perpetual horny stage of teenagedom, tastests start to differ. I wouldn't put her on a top 10 list either.
Still, there's quite a difference between "not in my personal top 10" and "ugly" - even perpetually horny teenagers know that ;).

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