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January 21 2008

BuddyTV's Five Favorite TV Lesbians. Our favorite witchy duo ranks number one on this list.

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Whose suprised?

It's also cool to Elisabeth Rohm's Law and Order character.
Well, apart from the top choice, that's the worst lesbian list ever. Elisabeth Rohm's L&O character? Geez. Mrs Garrison? WTF?

How about the girls on "The L Word" or the lesbians on "Queer as Folk"? Or Kerry Weaver on ER? Or Kima Greggs on The Wire? You know, out gay characters that actually mean something - not cheap stunts like Serena "Is this because I'm a lesbian" Southerlyn.
As I like to call W&T, the "most perfectly matched couple I've ever seen on TV." (And at 52, I've seen most of the prominent ones.)
It is a fairly ridiculous list. Did anyone else find the animated, um, bar graph of the results to be painfully ironic? ;) I kid, I kid.
I'm showing my age here, as well as apparent lack of South Park knowledge, but when I read crossoverman's comment before reading the article, I thought "Mrs. Garrett? I didn't know Facts of Life had any lesbians". Ah, you take the good, you take the bad. And I would've gone with 'painfully phallic' on the animated bar chart, zeitgeist, but I tend to be a fan of the obvious penile humor. Yours was much more subtle and therefore probably funnier. ;)

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I agree that this list is somewhat lacking... 'The L Word' is an obvious source for such couples; Dana and Alice anyone?
But did you folks read their reasoning for leaving off "The L Word"?

Yay with the Tillow love, though! After I voted they had 90% of the 87 votes.

I was unfamiliar with any of the others on the list, except for Serena, so reading why they chose who they did kind of helped. I still won't even sneeze in the direction of "South Park," but if they can find humor in it, more power to them. (No offense to any fans, but I'm not fond of bathroom humor, "crotch" humor, or swearing for the sake of swearing. I gave up on SNL years ago for just those reasons.)
But did you folks read their reasoning for leaving off "The L Word"?

They didn't have a reason, they've just chosen to ignore it. The suggestion that there are more gay characters on television than lesbian characters does my head in... or, at least, there has been way more girl-girl kissing on TV than boy-boy.
crossoverman Huh.

"On television, there appears to be a gender bias when it comes to the portrayal of homosexuality. While gay men are catty best friends and deeply dramatic teens, lesbians are much rarer, unless you only count Showtime's The L Word. Why this is we're not quite sure, all we know is this: we love lesbians.

Going back through the years, we put together a list of our five favorite TV lesbians. These aren't the most socially important or famous like Ellen DeGeneres. Instead, we thought long and hard about the TV lesbians we loved to watch, the ones we fell in love with, and the ones who made us laugh out loud."

From that I get:

1.) There is one show that is only about lesbian relationships.

2.) They acknowledge it, but those characters are not ones they "loved to watch," ones they "fell in love with" or ones who made them "laugh out loud."

Now, I don't know anything about "The L-word," except that it's on cable. With the exception of Tara & Willow, this list seemed to be single characters - that is, one lesbian on a show that they liked. Serena never had a relationship. Were any of the other three mentioned in long-term relationships?
skeezycheeses, I mis-read "Mrs. Garrett" at first, too -- which was why I went ahead and read the link. Any article with the buxom Mrs. G as a lady-killer isn't your everyday Best Of Lesbians list.

Kinda disappointed it wasn't actually her. I wanted to see how they justified she was gay. lol.

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If you think about it, it's a shame that lists like this still exist, because a large part of it is that there is still a novelty attached to seeing non-heterosexual characters on TV.

But it is nice to see Willow and Tara being recognised. I think that they were both good characters, separately, and their relationship was believable and likeable. It was interesting that it was slower paced than most relationships on the show, but also one of the most solid and potentially permanent.

I think it contrasted strongly with many of the so called lesbian relationships on TV, where it is clearly a ratings stunt, and they brush it off not long after when the character reverts to hetersosexuality- like Marissa in The OC for example.
I agree that the list could have used a bit more work (though I was impressed with Original Cindy, who was the only person I really liked on Dark Angel;)),but damn, Willow and Tara always make me so happy:)

Willow and Tara are still very ahead.
Yeah, this was a weird list. Willow and Tara are of course number one for me but it was nice to see the inclusion of Original Cindy. It seems she is left off these lists a lot.

Sharon from Wonderfalls would be on my list.

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