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January 21 2008

Summer Glau talks Terminator on Good Day LA. Summer's second interview with Good Day LA and her first time on set with them.

They really enjoyed talking about her "special arm." I hate clueless interviewers. I did like Summer's giggle talking about her past fighting experience. You know she's just thinking, "This is Fox. Maybe I shouldn't mention that prematurely canceled show I was on or the follow-up movie made by a different company..."
Yep, she can't talk about the movie because it places FOX in a bad light. I've notice that in a number of interviews that she never names the movie Serenity.
I was wondering about that...
Well, she could be just being polite and tactful. I seriously doubt that she is not "allowed" to talk about it.
I really don't watch American news or talk shows, but was that one woman Ann Coulter?

...fantasizing about Summer throat punching Coulter....
isn't it meant to be G'Day LA?
I think Summer throat kicking ((It worked in Serenity, right?)) Ann Coulter would be a Good Day for anywhere, LA included.

It's nice to see Miss Glau working more - I think she's quite talented. I just hope that she does work with Joss again.
Summary: Summer delightfully fields some of the least inspired questions I've ever heard. What an insipid interview.

But I did enjoy the amusing coincidence that the preview for "Over Her Dead Body," shown before the interview, featured Kali Rocha telling Eva Longoria "Will you shut up? You're dead."
I've seen a couple of these now and it's sort of baffling how Summer stays friendly and loose through the banality. Either she's just a naturally incredibly nice person or a hella talented actress (or a bit of both ;).

I mean the Terminator movies weren't exactly cult, geek only films, they were huge mainstream successes and yet the bloke apparently thinks her arm is the only "bionic" part of her ? And that was one of the more worthwhile comments (at least partly because it led to Summer's "Everything goes with endoskeleton" quip as she subtly and wittily tried to set him straight ;). "Are the fights choreographed ?" ?!? Nah, we just grab each other and start hitting until someone says cut, sure there's the odd fatality but it saves us all that tedious "work" stuff that other productions engage in. The mind most assuredly boggles.

(still, we now know they've made 9 episodes which I hadn't heard before - not quite a "full" half-season, wonder if that means they're more or less likely to come back ? I see the ratings for episode 3 fell by about another 1.5 million, is that normal or a bad sign ?)

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