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January 21 2008

Interview with Laurel Holloman.'s interview involves a question about LH's experience on Angel, and it turns out Jennifer Beals is a Whedon fan.

The link goes to the last page involving the Angel-related question, but the whole interview is great. Vague comments about The L Word Season 5, but nothing overtly spoilery.

Great stuff. Jennifer has mentioned being a huge Buffy fan a few times from what I can remember. And when asked who she'd like to see do a guest shot on the show, SMG was her pick as a result.
Any other celebrities known to be Buffy/Angel fans? I could have sworn that I read somewhere that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett watch Buffy with their kids. There is also lore out there that Spielberg's kids loved Angel so much that he and they visited the set. Every time I hear evidence of Whedonlove in unexpected places I get all happy. Jennifer Beals has my affection based on this alone. A woman of taste.

I love Laurel Holloman. She was awesome as Juliet - twisted, dark, angry, and sad.
Back in the mists of time Jennifer Beals said she had tried to persuade the producers of 'The L Word' to try to get SMG to do a guest appearance in the show. It was discussed at Whedonesque here.
phlebotinin the interview with Will Smith where he revealed that was a fun read - it's linked to back here Will Smith watches buffy .
phelebotinin, I believe the Smith's daughter is named Willow too. Not sure it's after our Willow or not.
Harmalicious As I understand it, Will Smith's younger son is named for his wife (Jada/Jaden) and his daughter is named for him (Will/Willow). Although, I guess there are other ways to turn "Will" into a feminine name, maybe being Buffy fans pushed it towards the form "Willow."
Cool. Thanks, purplehazel and Harmalicious.

My brain was in especially not working order yesterday. I meant "Justine," not "Juliet." Sheesh.

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