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January 21 2008 is having a "Favorite Sci-Fi Future" poll - and Firefly is one of the choices. It's described as the "Interstellar Frontier" option, as opposed to the "CowboyNeal Oligarchy" of Geeks in Space, amongst others.

Wow, tons of Star Trek votes. I suppose that future would have it's perks - like the holodeck, for example, ahahaa. Plus it's all-around very optimistic about humanity.

But I of course voted Firefly, because I want a world where you park your space ship and then ride a horse into town. ;)
We're falling behind. Tell everyone to vote.
Edited the title to relevance it up a little.

I can see why the Galactic Fed might be a little more appealing in general - life is pretty hard for those on the Firefly rim. But if "favorite" means "most deliciously imagined," then I'll plump for JW's too.
This has actually been up a while. Not trying to rain on the parade or whatever.

And I, of course, voted for Firefly. :)
I wonder about the people who voted "charred wasteland." Mainly depressed teenagers, I hope.
I have a feeling a lot of people are voting their favorite movies/shows, rather than the future they'd actually like to live in(not me, that would make Blade Runner the competition, and .... I don't think so).
Firefly definitely gets my vote. The Star Trek Federation seems safer and more comfortable, but not nearly as exciting.
I'd probably fit in better (and feel the urge to punch people in their sanctimonious, cello playing faces less ;) in the Fireflyverse but i'd much rather live in the Star Trek Federation. Replicators, transporters, holodecks, FTL travel and entirely new alien races and ecologies to understand and explore ? Sign me up.

(the 'verse is wonderfully realised with interesting politics and people but I just can't imagine anything in it that could compare to observing the accretion disk of a black-hole with my own eyes or flying into the photosphere of a star or asking a gaseous life-form what it feels like to be it)
I liked Firefly the series... it's world - not so much.
Psssh. Slashdot would go for Trek.
The Verse, of course!!!! p'shaw!

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