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January 22 2008

Some lovely scripts signed by Tim Minear and Jane Espenson could be yours. The Cash for the Crew website has updated their Rewards section. So if you donate to the Motion Picture Television Fund, you have a chance to win signed Buffy, Angel, The Inside, Wonderfalls and Drive scripts.

There's also signed Changing Lanes, Saving Grace and Battlestar Galactica scripts to be had as well.

Woo and a really big hoo!

But...why'd it have to be the one Giles-centric episode I don't like?

My poor sweet Rupert. She says, totally glossing over all the bad stuff she's done to him in her fics, including vamping him
Signed Angel Script. Do Want.

P.S. I loved 'A New Man'.
Also if you're on your mid morning coffee break, read Tim's comments on the front page of the scripts. They're super great.
Ditto Simon. "Karma Chameleon" made me snicker in a possibly cruel and insensitive way.
Worth winning just for Tim's comments! Well I've donated for myself and for a Whedonesquer who couldn't afford to do so herself. Now I just have to hope, cross fingers and sacrifice a baby goat or two.
I enjoyed Tim's comments on those scripts. Very entertaining.
Scripts prittie.

eta: How long does it take to get a confirmation email from them? Those are usually quick, but it's been a couple of hours and I still haven't got one.

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I donated on 12-19, dreamlogic and got my confirmation on 12-20 - I think they're doing 'em when they get a chance, and that it's not an auto-response... so I'm betting you'll get it within 24 hours or somesuch.

I'm so tapped out on strike-related spending for now (and for days off, for now, while my partner still likes me) but I'm happy to know I have a chance at one of these cool new Tim-marked scripts...
Does anyone know how secure their website is?

I've had my identity stolen once and am kind of wary about handing out my credit card number and verification code to a site that doesn't spell out what kind of security software they use.
Thanks. I don't know if I want one of the TM ones or one of the BSG ones more. Fortunately, since I never win anything I won't be disappointed by the selection ;).
If you win one from either column, dl, I am so making you eat your words... in the nicest possible sense, I mean...

And fromthecrypt, here what the MPTV Fund says about their site security:

MPTV Fund Privacy Statement

This program is created by Crescendo Interactive, Inc. and is provided to charities and professional organizations who subscribe to GiftLegacy.

This is a secure site. Information you send to the site and the information the site sends back to your computer is encrypted as it passes through the Internet. This secure site service is offered for your protection.

The site is limited to links from authorized charities and other professional organizations. To use the site, it must be accessed through one of the authorized link sites.

No data is collected on this site. After you depart the site, your data is no longer retained in memory or on hard disk.

Thanks so much QuoterGal!

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