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January 22 2008

Amy Acker guest stars on October Road. Last night's episode had Amy Acker as the "girl in the blue uniform".

From the scene it looks as though Amy may play a new love interest for Owen and therefore making this a recurring role.

Is this show any good?
I typically DVR it, but it's not bad. This show isn't listed on her IMDB profile, so I don't know if she will actually show up in anymore episodes....
I like it, but missed last night's episode. It is very over the top soapy and mindless. Definitely not must watch TV, but fun for the soapy angst thing.
All the critics I read hate October Road. I didn't make it past the first episode. So boring.
Eek. I tried watching this show. I really did. Some of the writing literally had me cringing in my seat. I finally couldn't take it anymore... I think I made it about 3 or 4 episodes? I really, really tried to give it a chance.

Is it bad that Amy's appearance almost makes me curious enough to tune in again? I probably won't. But I'm almost tempted.

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