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January 22 2008

Drew Goddard: From Writing Buffy to Cloverfield to Buffy Again. Scott Allie updates the Buffy Zone editorial to discuss Cloverfield and Goddard's 4-issue upcoming arc on Buffy. Jeanty's beautiful cover to #15 shown.

Mostly spoiler-free, other than Andrew will be spotlighted in his arc.

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Can I be picky and point out that the "on" in the headline is inaccurate, since the page doesn't include Drew Goddard's thoughts, just Scott Allie's? Sorry to be that guy... =)

BTW, my friend (who is not a regular viewer of ME productions) pointed out that the Cloverfield monster bears a certain resemblance to the Grrr Argh monster. Anyone else make that connection? I wonder how the monster is described in the script.
Thanks, jam2. I suppose I couldn't get any more inaccurate than that.
the Cloverfield monster bears a certain resemblance to the Grrr Argh monster

It really, really doesn't.
Andrew will be spotlighted in his arc


Andrew Wells, one of the sharpest if most absurd wits in all of TV or comics

Not even I would go that far.

Does Xander have a sword? That's really not a good sign. That makes me more nervous than any comparisons to scary movies.
Hmmm... odd to get a penning of issue 15 before we have any of the issue 14 covers. Never mind!
I'm glad to see Andrew getting some, er, pagetime. Because I think he's way underrated?

"One of the sharpest wits in all of TV and comics"? But he is very funny.
He may be a contender in the hilarity category. Or most Star Wars references per word outside of an actual Star Wars script.

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