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January 22 2008

Hollywood Beauty Sarah Michelle Gellar Strips Off to Reveal ... Her gorgeous skin in a new ad campaign for "the classic moisturiser, Vaseline."

She does have amazing skin with a healthy, lightly sun-burnished glow -- if she says Vaseline is the reason, it's hard to quibble with the results.

(I'm personally a little surprised she doesn't use a non-petroleum-based alternative, though; there are some good ones out there with essential oils and other things that smell and feel wonderful.)

Aren't people supposed to LOOK older as they get older? She looks 19. Amazing.
This is sort of already posted, here, so not sure if this one'll stay.
Yes, I'm so sure SMG uses Vaseline. I hate celebrity sponsorships of OTC beauty products.

Let's just acknowledge that any post in a topic about SMG using Vaseline is going to sound kinda dirty, and move on, shall we?
Well,t eh first was the contest this is the reveal. And she might be wearing something on parts covered by other parts.

And that was one straight girl teaching another straight girl how to kiss, not lesbian. That'll have to wait for her playing the rookie detective in the screenplay I'm setting up.
Not only is the Cruel Intentions kiss falsely labeled (not to mention, such a thing shouldn't even matter to the topic at hand), but I don't think "Alice" will be out this summer. It hasn't even been green-lit.
Arsenal beat me to it, the jokes about this write themselves. Vaseline ? Seriously ?

Wiseblood brought up an interesting point--what rich Hollywood actor is gonna use inferior products on themselves ? Granted, if Vaseline has been proven to keep 'em looking young and/or without wrinkles, then I'm sure they'd use it regardless of whether petroleum-based skin care products can be bad for you (unless they're like me and are of the mindset that living longer is more important than looking better, except in cases where the two goals can co-exist peacefully. Seriously, if I was rich, I'd be all about the all-organic products, in an eco-friendly built moderately-sized home, with a full time professional chef and trainer, heh). The number of 'em who still use hairspray is kinda sad, but not at all surprising if it's one of the best things to give their hair the right look (personally any scene in a movie or behind-the-scenes footage of an actor in a make-up chair getting made up with the stuff makes me cringe, since the smell--even the unscented kinds, they still have a smell--really gets to me and when it's hanging in the air makes me feel like I'm breathing poison. Hard to avoid the stuff when you've got a sister who uses it a lot). What I've read about hairspray sure makes it sound like an eventual cancer-causer (carcinogen) though, after long-term use.
wow. she still looks fantastic. did anyone see her on letterman. that high waistline on that skirt she was wearing looked so unbelievably sexy. it kinda reminded me of Kristen bell in that skirt in heroes when she hooks up with peter. you know which one im talking about

Sorry to rant about the wonder of women folk, but that interview really took me back to a time when there were 3 whedon shows on the air. Only downside was the interview itself. she seems so, well, strange in interviews. i dont know. its like she's not herself. she doesn't look like she knows to relax. it's kinda wierd, since she's been in the spotlight for most of her life. you'd think she's chill out a bit.

for once i want to know what she's really like. she's such a great actress. she could give you pretty much any emotion on screen you can think of, and she played Buffy so sweet and vulnerable and strong, but then you hear rumours that she maybe wasnt nice on set. i dont want to believe that though.

i guess this all revolves around wanting the actors who inhabit the characters you love to be nice people. im not saying that shes a bad person, but ive never been able to get a real sense of who she is. she seems more comfortable on screen, except when she's trying to laugh. (only exception is Restless)

rant over.

P.S. i know its not at all related, but rest in peace Heath Ledger. when i heard, it reminded me of Glenn Quinn. no matter how rich or famous, anyone dying that young is a frickin tragedy. Happy trails boys..
vocah, could you please use capital letters throughout your comments on the site, as per site rules, please? And, more generally, please please please let's not get into SMG rumors. Really.

As for the story: this is from the Daily Mail. Don't expect too much accuracy. Or thought.

RIP Heath Ledger. I had only just taken in Brad Renfro's untimely passing, so this is a real shocker.
Not to be a snob, but Vaseline seems to be a kind of, um, low rent thing for Sarah to be promoting.
When you look at the general caliber of female actors and the products they support (Liz- Estee Lauder, Cate- SK, Nicole- Chanel etc) I think Sarah is luminous and high profile enough to do WAY better.
Unless her Maybelline contract specifies/d otherwise, of course.

And as for the news about Heath Ledger, I am in total shock. It was just a few days ago that I cast him in my 'fantasy' Buffy, and I was really looking forward to seeing his role as the Joker in the new Batman movie. His death is just such a huge waste of potential. I hope he's at peace now and that the paps give little Matilda and his family enough room to grieve.
I know it's said with the best of intentions and with the utmost respect toward the recently dead, so don't take this as an attack missb, but I don't understand the phrase "I hope they're at peace now".

Especially when it happens to someone that young. The dude just died alone in his apartment, there's nothing peaceful about it in the aftermath, it's fucking awful. "Hope he's at peace now" implies that the life he had before his death was somehow so unbearable that an afterlife is preferrable. Which doesn't add up, since by all appearances the guy had a dream life. If it was an addiction to sleeping pills and/or depression, he could've gotten help for it and moved on. If it was an accidental overdose, again, awful mistakes don't get much worse (it can happen with sleeping pills and from what I've read so far, he got on them while filming his Joker role for The Dark Knight. They did a lot of night shoots, naturally, and his sleeping patterns were all fucked up).

Wishing him "I hope you're at peace now" just seems...empty? Inappropriate ? R.I.P. seems like it should be reserved exclusively for the very old, if at all.

Add to that the part where I'm not sure one way or the other whether there's even anything after death, and it makes it harder to accept that phrase when there might not even be anything left of us to be resting in peace for/with. Heath Ledger might just be completely done and gone (here I'll make it Whedonesque relevant--like Wesley and Illyria implied Fred was on Angel. Gone gone, no soul, no nothing, erased).

Sorry to be utterly depressing and I know people are dying every day (overdoses and otherwise) and I know it's so overdone this obsessing over celebrity events, but this one hit kinda hard. I'm pissed and, sorry if this sounds like a ridiculous exaggeration, but maybe a little heartbroken as well at losing one of the brightest young talents among Hollywood actors. I've been watching the guy since his first work came to North America with the short-lived TV series Roar and have enjoyed almost everything the guy's been in since. Was (and still am) hugely looking forward to his Batman villain role, especially after seeing glimpses of his seemingly brilliant efforts in the Dark Knight trailer before a screening of I Am Legend a couple nights ago. This one hit hard, my sister and my mom are big Heath Ledger fans too. I feel so bad for his daughter, family, and friends. I didn't mean to be insulting or insensitive above, I'm just venting guys. What a goddamn waste.
As stated in my original post, I have come back to edit as I feel we've moved far, far away from the topic at hand.

That topic being, Sarah and vaseline. (Which are 2 words I never thought I'd see together- outside of fan fic!)

If anyone would like to talk about or remember Heath Ledger, there is a thread in the 'Film' area of the board.

[ edited by missb on 2008-01-23 12:47 ]
I feel a bit glib writing this now that the thread has moved onto far more serious and personal issues... but...

Just because Gellar is, we can assume, rich, it does not automatically mean she does not use Vaseline, although clearly the motivation for any product promotion of this kind is financial.

I don't know if the product is low-rent, but all jokes about its use to one side, it can be found in the bathroom cabinet of my family.
With all due respect to Sarah, who is a lovely woman, you couldn't pay me to use Vaseline - even if it made me look like her! And like others, I have a great deal of skepticism as to whether she actually uses it or not. I can vaguely imagine her using it to keep her elbows and knees from getting dry or putting it on a new tattoo (though they actually recommend water-based products), but no self-respecting woman of even moderate means should put that greasy, smelly crap on any skin that actually SHOWS. Now Vaseline also has a whole line of *lotions* and maybe MAYBE she slums to use those, but I still highly doubt it.

[ edited by OzLady on 2008-01-23 14:46 ]
...but no self-respecting woman of even moderate means would put that greasy, smelly crap on any skin that actually SHOWS.

I will let my wife know. I wouldn't want her to make the same mistake again!
alien lanes, I now realize that I made a typo; that should have read "SHOULD" not "would;" I've changed it now and thank you for helping me realize my error. That said, Vaseline really is not very good for the skin. There are products out there that are equally reasonably-priced that are far, far better both for the user AND the environment (not to mention not smelling like a gas station)! It's not like I'm an aesthetician or working for a beauty company, but I *am* 45 years old and get told on a regular basis that I look 15 years younger AND that I smell nice. Why not try to pass that on to others? :-)
This is the weirdest thread.
Have you tried rubbing it Caroline ? There's a slight residue.

(and I don't think people are being fair to Vaseline - you seem to be forgetting the all important "swimming the English channel" market, which, though limited, is absolutely dependent on the old petroleum jelly for smearable insulation. Or lard)
Sarah is on Live with Regis and Kelly right now. Making a new thread seems pointless at this point.
There is nothing in this ad to suggest that SMG uses Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on her skin. Maybe she does, I don't know. But I do know that Vaseline makes many other products besides petroleum jelly. I wish people would stop conflating the company with one of its products. Incidentally, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion is very good for dry skin.
But rubbish for swimming the channel (so don't say you weren't warned).
I thought something a bit more hi-tech than vaseline would have been developed for cross-channel swimming by now, still it beats what they used to have to use - goose fat, yuck.
And it definitely beats dying of exposure - I suspect even goose fat might be better than that, though it's a bit of a toss-up.
I have to say I'm reasonably sure they are talking about their Intensive Care line. They have been using these "nude" ads a long time.
A perfectly acceptable brand of moisturizer. Unfortunate that this link only used the term vaseline. But NOBODY uses that for moisturizer. Diaper rash, maybe.
What Caroline said. This thread is getting positively Daliesque...
Wonder what Dali used for his diaper rash ...

(personally I went through a lot of products before I finally landed on not wetting myself as the solution - it's worked a treat for years now)
That last post really is the living definition of "too much information."
I'd better keep my athlete's foot cure to myself in that case.
Saje, stop! You are making me laugh out loud at work. People are looking.
Caroline said: This is the weirdest thread.

Amen, sister.
;-) barboo. Just to be clear though, if you get the sack for undue hilarity at work, i'm not responsible (but I will accept 10% of any severance package you may receive ;).
Did anyone actually pay attention to the ad/story? It's rather obvious that this is for Vaseline's line of skin care product, not petroleum jelly. I don't understand how so many people have never heard of Vaseline brand lotion before, perhaps this is why they're attempting to rebrand with this campaign.
It's an advert for their skincare products?

Oh dear, I just went and smeared Vaseline all over myself in an attempt to gain better skin. Looked a little glowy to be honest, plus I fell over on the way to a friends house. Good job I have my WAP phone, or I wouldn't be able to write this message, on the plus side, I think I may of discovered perpetual motion.

On the downside, the looks you get upon going into a shope to buy 6 tubs of Vaseline and a pair of rubber gloves, more than a little strange.
This is the weirdest thread.

And yet able to get even weirder.
There are products out there that are equally reasonably-priced that are far, far better both for the user AND the environment (not to mention not smelling like a gas station)! It's not like I'm an aesthetician or working for a beauty company, but I *am* 45 years old and get told on a regular basis that I look 15 years younger AND that I smell nice. Why not try to pass that on to others?

A quick look in our bathroom reveals that we have a number of Vaseline products, including essential moisture lotion, lip therapy and my deodorant. We also have a jar of petroleum jelly, which my wife tells me comes in very useful sometimes when she is on one of the DIY rampages.

My wife has lovely skin, although when I asked her about this she just told me to, "Shut up, you big lummox." I, on the other hand, have old man's skin (because I am an old man), somewhat like a rhinoceros. Perhaps I should have used a Vaseline product!
Oh dear, I just went and smeared Vaseline all over myself in an attempt to gain better skin.

Are you still currently covered in Vaseline onthemightofprinces ? Because if so this would be the perfect time to try to swim the English channel. Just something to consider.

I don't have any of their skincare products but I do have their second album and an original signed poster. Can't take it down because there's now a huge greasy stain on the wall behind it.
I always preferred their first album. After that they seemed to get stuck in that "second album rut" syndrome and it was one long slide down the greasy pole.
*laughs* We are a weird and witty bunch (with some DAMN fine-looking skin), we are! ;-)
I think some people around here have been sniffing the vaseline.
After that they seemed to get stuck in that "second album rut" syndrome ...

The famous "sophomore slump". Yep, that happens to a lot of jellys, not just petroleum. Just look at The Jam and 'This is the Modern World'.
Nothing wrong with petrol;eum-based products as long as they're not too aromatic. (I once accidentally soaked a pair of socks with motor oil and even after washing they made my pedal skin very supple for months.)

As I said, I hope there's an ad in the series showing both face and body.

Re Heath LEdger; It's illogical off me but ti's like soemthing's in the air. I know promising young people die all the time and it's always tragic, but it seems just lately we've lost a lot of young men and women who were on really good tracks until then. Most of themw eren't celebrities like Mr. LEdger, and most of them weren't white, but it's like we're in a bad patch.
Wow, and to think I was thinking of deleting this thread... You people are bizarre. I particularly have to wonder at you all going right for petroleum jelly when they make many fine skin/personal care products that are not petroleum based (ooh, good band name). Now, if you'll excuse me I've goose fat to attend to and a channel to swim.

p.s. - I'll go ahead and assume the album references are due to the Scottish band brought to many people's attention by Nirvana covering them.
On the downside, the looks you get upon going into a shope to buy 6 tubs of Vaseline and a pair of rubber gloves, more than a little strange.

That's a legitimate cure for dry hands. Though you don't need six tubs of Vaseline, one will do. Years ago, I had a terrible case of dry skin on my hands - cracking, peeling, painful. No fancy lotion made the slightest difference. Then on a tip I tried sleeping with my hands thickly smeared with petroleum jelly covered with latex gloves. Laugh it up, but in three days my hands were fine.

I'd classify it as more a medicinal than a cosmetic product, but not to be sneered at.
Somewhere, Al Gore is pounding his head against his desk... sigh.
I thought I was having a weird day before I read this!
Yeah but! You're forgetting that beauty contestants put Vaseline on their teeth so their lips won't stick when they smile.


Look it up.

(I was gonna say "And runway models" until I remembered that they never smile. Probably has something to do with having their mouths glued shut so they can't eat. Some day I'd love to show up at a fashion show with an industrial-strength fan...)

And, as we all know (Or should) Buffy has petroleum. She told Riley so.

(ETA: And now I have a strange urge to watch episode 1x4 of Manchild....)
OMG! I'd totally forgotten the thing about greasing the teeth with Vaseline! My high school drill team went through vats of the stuff...which, of course, led to all sorts of snickering when the concepts of a DRILL team and VASELINE were juxtaposed in the minds of adolescents. Good times, good times...
Oh, I always thought the petrroleum jelly on the tetth for beauty contestants was so they'd have a second and more immediately compelling reason than image not to close their mouths.
Huh, I never heard that. I kind of doubt it, because I think that those girls' conditioning to smile could survive velcro implants untoward.
I cannot believe I read this thread...I now know that I really do not want to deal with all that work I have waiting for me.

They used goose fat to swim the channel? Is that the stuff you render to get the goose grease or is it the same thing, cause goose grease is yummy.

I would think that using goose grease would also keep the swimmer moving since it seems like it would smell like food to quite a few sea kritters. So swim! Swim fer all yer worth!

What was this thread originally about, anyway?
dreamlogic; Velcro implants are for extreme hair loss so beauty contestants seldom need to worry about those *grin.

Just what I mean was, I didn't know the Vaseline was to keep the lips from sticking. I thought it was psychological thing to keep their minds on keeping the smile up. When they start to drop the smile the grease gets on their inner lips and they immediately remember to open up again.

SMG doesn't need it for that, tho. Her smile is already too broad soemtimes :-). (Seriously, I think straight-on full-face with the wide grin is ehr worst "angle," to my tastes.)

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