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January 23 2008

(SPOILER) Cover art for Astonishing X-Men #24. The final part of Joss' Unstoppable arc comes out today. The variant cover can be seen here.

According to Diamond Previews:

Astonishing X-Men #24 (OCT072132D, $2.99) will now run 32 pages, not the solicited 48 pages. Please note that the editorial content is unchanged; only advertisements and non-story content have been removed.

I really don't like that cover... :(
Well I've found what I hope is the variant cover, so you might like that one.
Prefer the variant, which means I may have to leg it down to the shop before they all go.

Does anyone know why they're printing the issue without adverts/non-story content ? Definitely not complaining, just curious - is it something Joss requested so as not to break up the story (or run the risk of turn pages becoming facing pages) ?
These covers remind me: I really need to go to the dentist. Then meet a nice girl with a dragon.

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So what's the high/low on when the TPB will be released?
Does anyone know if the holiday in the states delayed shipping for this week? I want that Kittytastic variant.
Sunfire, books were in today at my local shop.
So what's the high/low on when the TPB will be released?

Assuming that the TPB collects the Giant Size X-Men annual which is out in April, probably June/July. I buy the single issues but I'm holding out for the second hardcover volume which I don't think has been solicited yet (not even at says the TPB is shipping in May, but that can always change.
Danke, RambleOn.
It's sooooo good. Just awesome.
I concur. The book was awesome. It makes me sad that the only thing left is the Giant Sized. I like Ellis as much as the next guy, but Joss on AXM is better than pretty much everything around. Reading anyone else write Scott at this point is almost painful compared to how Joss writes him.

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