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August 07 2002

Joss talks about Firefly with His most detailed Firefly promotional interview yet. 6 pages, people.

SciFi: What was the inspiration for Firefly?
Whedon: "It was The Killer Angels. It's a book. I think it won the Pulitzer. It's a very detailed account of the Battle of Gettysburg that I read in London when I was on one of my vacations where I didn't write anything, but I did come up with Firefly and a couple other shows. I read The Killer Angels. The minutia of the Battle of Gettysburg and the lives of the people in it really made Firefly just pop out of my head. I want to get into people's lives this intimately. I want to do it in the future and show that the future is the past. So I built the structure of the world and the look of the show on the Reconstruction Era."

I always love Joss Whedon interviews. They're entertaining, and they really give you a sense of the man. Especially this one. Somehow, and this may come out creepy, but bear with me ... when I read his interviews, I feel as though I identify almost as much with him, his motivations and his desires, as his characters. Even though, you know, they're characters, their entire purpose is for you to glean that stuff from them, and his interviews are ostensibly just to see what makes his shows tick.

I'm just rather happy he exists.

Edited to add: That costume is hilarious, make it go away. Hee!

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Oh how I love this:

"If you have 20 minutes and you're a producer, you can do five things. If you have 20 minutes and you're a writer, you can't do anything. You need blocks of time to get into the space where the writing happens, and to find those blocks of time while you're running four shows is the hardest part."

I want to frame it on my walll....

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