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January 23 2008

Buffy - Season 8 #1 is the 15th biggest-selling comic of 2007. Diamond's 2007 Year-End sales charts have been released, and Buffy's first six issues make Dark Horse's only appearances in the Top 100.

#1 narrowly misses becoming the first non-Marvel release on the chart!

Other Whedon related issues -
#2 at 29
#3 at 41
#4 at 54
#5 at 84
#6 at 91

Astonishing X-Men:
#21 at 57
#20 at 58
#22 at 63
#23 at 69

"Torn" is the 15th biggest-selling TPB, with "The Long Way Home" at 30, and "Serenity - Those Left Behind" at 49.

Update: Additional figures from the Top 300:
#7 at 112
#8 at 154
#9 at 167

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That's fantastic. Congratulations to all involved!
Brilliant news, congrats to Joss and the rest of the creative team as well as all the folks at Dark Horse.

If you take "event" issues out (death of Captain America, 'Civil War', Spider-man back in his black costume etc.) it's actually more like 5th or 6th - though in fairness, Buffy "S8" No. 1 was kind of an "event" book itself.
Thanks for correlating all the data littlexander, much appreciated.
I'm surprised none of the main DH Star Wars titles are in that list. Those are some damn good comics set in that universe.
My thesaurus has too few synonyms for fantastic.
Note that this also makes Buffy the only non-Marvel/DC book in the Top 100.

nathanieletc, the Star Wars books tend to sell at the bottom of the monthly Top 100's, so they won't even be close to it here. I expect the trades do reasonably well in bookstores, though.

Edit: I own 28 out of the Top 100 trade paperbacks, and that's not counting different editions and translations. Yoinks.

[ edited by Niels(Telltale) on 2008-01-23 18:07 ]
Thanks for the breakdown littlexander.

Just digging deeper, also featured on the list, are comics or TPBs from Season 8 writer Brian K. Vaughan, upcoming Season 8 writer Brad Meltzer, producer for defunct Buffy Animated Jeph Loeb and also Tales of the Vampires Cover artist Mike Mignola.
nathanieletc, looks like there's a Star Wars trade that made 100 on the graphic novel list.
Why no love for Runaways?

Congrats to his Joss-ness, assorted crews, and to Dark Horse. Good job!
Yeah, Banter, I saw that. I don't really count the Clone Wars tales thingies... they're cool, but I'm talking about Legacy, Dark Times, Rebellion, and KoTOR. No love for the monthlies.
Congratulations! :-D
Slowly, I'm becoming a comic book person. Currently reading the original run of Runaways. It's fun.
Awesome! I wonder how much of Dark Horse's market share increase is from Buffy sales.

I'm enjoying the Buffy comics and recently finished reading the trade paperbacks for Runaways. I've started Y:The Last Man and actually like it even more than Runaways but haven't gotten past #3 since the entire series is always checked out and/or on hold at the library. The same library's Runaways digest versions look like they've been to hell and back in the year or less that the library's had them in the catalog, too.

In other news, my local comic shop has recently assembled a small shrine display for Joss Whedon comics. Right smack in a high traffic area.

All data suggest I am not the only one whose socks are thoroughly rocked.

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"Serenity - Those Left Behind" at 49.

Does anybody know is that for the hardback graphic novel or for sales in 2007 of both the softback and hardback?

And thanks, littlexander, for "correlating all the data". I can't get the page to load past the constantly changing ad at the top of the page.

March keeps getting closer.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-01-24 05:08 ]
And Watchmen at number 4 in the graphic novels list. My god that books came out in '85 and is at number 4. Is the film the reason for that?

have fun


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