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January 23 2008

Julie Benz interview video on CW11 website. Julie talks about Rambo, Dexter and crushed ribs.

The video is presently at the top of their celebrity interview pile. If not there, scroll down till you (hopefully) find it.

She looks amazing with dark hair. Almost didn't recognize her.
If it wasn't for her voice I wouldn't have recognised her at all.
She really does look different as a brunette. Even more lovely IMO.

The interviewer's comments about 'Dexter' ("critical acclaim" and "cult following") had a slight backhanded compliment feel to them though. The season 2 opener had the best numbers for a Showtime premiere since 2004 (which is when Nielsen started keeping separate figures) so although it's only getting a million or so viewers, in context that's actually pretty damn good.
I didn't want to post a new thread for this, but Julie Benz is MaximOnline's "Girl of the Day."

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