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January 23 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch Answers More Questions About Angel: After The Fall. In a humorous and informative podcast from his Myspace page.

He also answers questions about Everybody's Dead. Spoiler tagged because among the ATF answers is something we all want to know.

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Brian is very funny and handles all the questions very well, but I still can't understand why Illyria's body armour now forms itself into bell bottoms.
I'm not sure either but I loved the artwork in issue 3.
I still can't understand why Illyria's body armour now forms itself into bell bottoms.

They're in fashion hell.
Awesome, all of my questions were answered.
These podcasts are almost as entertaining as the comic itself.
Brian's funny, a definite sense of humor there. All the stuff about the loan shark boss made me chuckle.

After listening, though, I'm convinced Angel is human now. He's using some powerful magic to conceal this from everyone around him. Now I'm just impatiently waiting for #4 to come out and see where this arc is wrapping up, reuniting L.A. is probably the first step in getting it back to Earth.

Also, anyone else see all of this being foreshadowed in "Dead End" S2Ep18? "L.A Song" seems to be a prophecy of the city's fall. Almost makes me think Lindsay will be showing up some time soon. Hmmm...
That was great fun and very informative as well. Thanks, Brian and thanks also to Jordy, whose contributions I really enjoyed as well. I loved the two-way conversation - Great idea !
This was pretty cool.
Really enjoying these podcasts, Brian has a unique sense of humour that is very refreshing!
I love listening to this guy! And listening to this stuff lasts longer than reading the comic itself. Brilliant :)
Thank you, Brian!
Is anyone, anywhere, considering providing a transcript of these podcasts?

I am hearing impaired and as a rule I HATE podcasts because it's frustrating when all I can make out is "Blah blah blah ANGEL blah blah HELL blah blah etc".
Even more so when everyone around me goes "Ooooohhh that's the coolest thing ever!" and I'm like "What? WHAT did he say?!".

Anyway, it would be much appreciated if you could consider transcripts!
missb-I'm not sure if there are offical transcripts yet but I can give you a couple of links.

Fender did a transcript of the first podcast last month and posted it here.

No transcript for yesterday's podcast yet but Stormwreath made some notes as she was listening and posted them here in the comment section.

If I someone does one and I run across it, I'll post it on this thread for you.

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