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January 24 2008

TNT picks up J. August Richard's new show 'Raising The Bar'. The legal drama got an order for ten episodes.

Hope it's not an evil law firm this time.
Having met J. at the ME Picket I can say with certainty that he is far from evil.
That's great news !
If you had told J. August Richards back around Season 2 or Season 3 of "Angel" that after "Angel" he'd start getting type-cast... as a lawyer... what do you think he'd have said?

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I really enjoyed Conviction, and was sad when it went away. So happy for J August. The guy is a great actor and deserves much success!!
Me too! Conviction was guite good.
This is great news. J is one of my favourite Whedon peeps. He always takes loads of time out for fans. He was telling me about this when I met him recently and we were laughing about the typecast thing. His mother always wanted him to be a lawyer - and now all he plays is lawyers.
Yay J.!! Add me to the list of those who really liked Convictions, although I'm not that into lawyer shows. I was sorry it didn't get picked up. Eric Balfour (sp) was in that one too, another of the finest of under utilized actors around.

Now if Nick Brendon could only get a good gig. I so loved his brief appearance on Criminal Minds, he made a perfect computer geek.

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