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January 24 2008

Ships Of The Line. An intriguing piece on about Sci/Fi Spacecraft. There's a voting poll on page 3. Cast your vote for the Shiniest Ship in the 'Verse. -We're getting walloped by the Millenium Falcon, btw.

I love Serenity, but you can't go past the Falcon or a Star Destroyer or the Enterprise or Slave One or the Galactica... Tough choice. Falcon FTW.
You gotta go with what you grew up with. Stars Wars did have the best ships (apart from Babylon 5).
Love Serenity too, she was genuinely the tenth crew member and I actually winced (still do) when she loses an engine in the film.

But the Falcon is the Falcon, you don't mess with the classics.

One Trek ship that doesn't get much love is the USS Defiant. I really like that "little" ship, she's very un-Federation in that she's solely built for fighting, none of your poncey peaceful exploration for the Defiant, she's a Borg killer, pure and simple - and you have to respect a ship where the guns are so crazy powerful that if you really open up on someone, she might actually shake herself apart.

And the Galactica ? Great ship. Like Serenity it's not about looks, it's about what she means - she's kind of like the HMS Thunderchild from 'War of the Worlds', "standing firm between" the last humans and certain death. I love in the mini-series where we're constantly reminded how old she is, how she's past it, ready for the knackers yard and then, when the chips are really down, she demonstrates the sort of firepower that all the navies on Earth combined couldn't come close to matching. Knackered my arse ;). Also, i've said it before and i'll say it again, two words. Hot. Jump.

(and yep, the Star Furies as well as the 'White Star' from B5 should be on there - the Furies because they were one of the first genuinely functional TV spaceships - look no banking, Ma ! - and the Star just because she so purty ;)
As much as I love Serenity.... I'd have to say my favorite is Samus Aran's gunship! :)
Walloped by the Falcon is one thing.
Walloped by BSG? That's something else!
As much as I love our dear Serenity, it never made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.
If we're gonna get walloped, it may as well be by the Falcon :)
Serenity is ahead--if barely--at the moment. There are some glaring omissions, (White Star? Moya?) but they had to cut somewhere to get to 10.
It's a hard choice, between the Galactica and Serenity, but i still voted for Serenity. it's easily my favourite of the lot. only cause the TARDIS isn't there, though.i mean how do you top that?
Does rigging these types of polls really do us any favours?

(I voted for the Star Destroyer anyway)
I agree with Simon, except I'm really old and grew up with the original Enterprise. Much as I love Serenity, it can't even do FTL -- how can you call it a starship? It's an in-system transport. But yeah the shiniest in-system transport in the 'Verse. ;-D
My heart and my vote are with the Enterprise. (My respect is with the Falcon.)

I don't care for Galactica as a ship. I love the show (and liked the original as a kid) but the ship itself I find kind of unremarkable. From that show I much prefer the Viper (Mark II in particular).
My reality has both the Falcon and Serenity. Why can't I vote for both?
I was just thinking... Joss would be the perfect person to write the screenplay for the long awaited Metroid movie. Here's why: Powerful female lead in Samus, he knows how to write without lots of dialogue (evidenced in Hush), he knows how to write sci-fi, and most importantly Joss is awesome! And Sarah Michelle Gellar could play Samus. She totally looks like Samus! :) I wouldn't want him to direct though... because it would take him away from all his other stuff...
"We're getting walloped by the Millenium Falcon, btw."

Not anymore! Hah! But...

The TARDIS. Where's the TARDIS?!?!?
Surprised The Enterprise isn't doing better - maybe it's just an age thing (I went for The Enterprise in the end, though The Millenium Falcon would come a close-ish second, and Serenity third).
It's not rigging if you vote for the ship you love best? Anyway although the Millenium Falcon was awesome I don't feel about it the same way as 'Serenity'.

And I too still wince when she loses an engine.
I don't see anything that indicates that FTL capability should be a factor, I voted for Serenity without 'verse prejudice. The Falcon is sleek and cool, but IMO totally lacking in character, which is what Serenity is made of.

Glaring omissions, the White Star from B5. As Saje mentioned, just so purty. And if Kosh's Vorlon ship had been on the list, I would have had a really hard time deciding. I was totally in love with that ship. When she self destructed taking Kosh to his final fate, there were tears ;-)
Also, don't "evil' ships count? Because hey, the Cylon Bay Star is one gorgeous creature.

Geek complaint: B5 was not a "ship", but a space station. I know it wasn't on the list, but it was mentioned as a ship in the article.

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