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January 24 2008

(SPOILER) Finished variant cover of Buffy Season 8: Issue 15. Georges Jeanty sent the finished version of the cover to

That is gorgeous! Really like this cover, I see Dracula, Xander, Satsu, Andrew and Willow but I don't think we know that character on the far right.

Also, is it odd that we are getting the variant to issue 15 before we get the regular and variant to issue 14?

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I really enjoy the Georges Jeanty covers (how cunning of Dark Horse to make me buy two copies of Buffy every month - how clever of them to use such talented artists and so make each of the covers so -erm- covertable that I don't resent it).

I love the colours of this one, which is odd because when I saw the original b/w drawing I got the (mistaken) impression that that was going to be the cover as it stood - and I was rather looking forward to it.
On second thought I though Satsu is on the far right, and Renee is next to Xander...
Yeah, Satsu's the one on the far right, Vortigun. Directly beneath the cover, there's a listing of who's on it.

It looks really fantastic. Can't wait for this arc to start!
Beautiful. This is Jeany's best cover, by far .
After all that "joking" a few issues ago, I'm just happy to see that Willow's not dead... As for the cover art, it's awesome! Call me sentimental, but I like that Jeanty's Buffy looks perpetually un-aged.
Here's a link to the poster of Seven Samurai on which Georges' cover is based. Brilliant!
Ah. I figure that is about time someone bites the big one. Given the cover, who will it be? Hmmm...coughcoughandrewcoughcough, maybe?
Ah. I figure that is about time someone bites the big one.

I have it figured. Buffy becomes a vampire. Which fits in rather nicely with whats going on in After The Fall.
Cool, but kind of weird. Are they all going to be dressed like samurai in the actually issue, or is that just part of the Seven Samurai homage?
That's the most awesome image I've seen in a long, long time.

Hmm. Buffy and Andrew would be extremely scary/awesome vampires.

Somebody on the SlayAlive board pointed out that all the straight-ish* folks (Dracula, Xander, Renee) are on one side of Buffy, with all the gay-ish* folks (Andrew, Willow, Satsu) on the other. Ha! No idea if that's intentional, but it's kinda awesome.

*because it's all on a spectrum, and because I don't want to limit any Scooby life choices. In other words - bring on the Xacula slash! ;-)
Wow, Buffy turning into a vampire would be just completely awful. I mean, I'm not feeling "Demon Who Sets Up Shop in Buffy's Body" the Vampire Season 8.

Want a real conspiracy theory? Buffy's scythe is pointing to the traitor! mwuhahahahaha.

Right now I'm hoping that Dracula tries to put the moves on Buffy again, Xander gets jealous, and his buddy Drac is the one who kicks him in the butt go get the girl.
Can't wait! Nothing else to say :-)
I love that Drac is back!
He's probably just after a loan, blueanddollsome.
You know what those vampire sorts are like, you open up your wallet and they just take, take take.

That cover is so cool it's moved into Arctic territory. I didn't recognise Andrew, but Drac was super obvious right away, even though we haven't seen him for a while.
I am curious as to how are Dracula and Buffy suddenly crime fightin' besties. (Unless of course Drac's joined the undead 'in crowd' and ended up with a soul, too. Can you imagine Angel and Spike's reaction!)

Looking forward, as always to the issue!
The cover -is- beautiful. Georges has outdone himself with the variants for this arc. Glad you all like it/that I could put it out there for you all. :)

SlayAlive Admin

I remember you telling me how you contacted Georges about getting this cover. BIG congrats on being successful!
Wonderful cover. I don't really get the reference (haven't heard of or seen the samurai poster that it's based off of until now) but still really cool.

Still, I think I like the issue 1 variant cover the best...Buffy holding open the jaws of that big dinosaur demon thing. I think that one is incredible.
No prob. We met at 2007's SDCC (Comic-Con). After that he started emailing me to post messages to the members @ the forum. He just did one today as a matter of fact. Vague spoilers on an upcoming thing with Satsu, the mystery man of Twilight...and the end of magic.
Bam-si-bam-si-bam, anotrher board I have to consider joining? Sigh-um.

Dracula isn't that surprsiing; medieval nobleman with honor code plus strong interest in current status "le q." joins the super-heroes to put down something worse. Classic situation; Dr. Doom and the Fantastic Four against the Overmind, Thor and the Tomorrow Man against the Time Twisters, AD&D charcaters from all 3 good and all three lawful alignments joining to repel chaotic evil demons. The classic situations are always good.

I hate this "end of Magic" talk; if that happens Joss has to can the Buffyverse entirely except for far futuristic sequels. Which I don't want; I'd love a series about another SLayer in say 2026, make my 70s fun y'know'na'mean? Unless the charcaters have to leave the world with the magic and exile themsleves to an alien diemsnion. Like Angel's "Hell-A" or my own more mortal ficverse "The World Beyond the Wall" perhaps?

5X5B; _Seven Samurai_ is an old Kurosawa movie set during the Shogunate Peirod in Japan; have only seen it once myself but it's quite a cracking yarn. Later adapted into a Western called _The MAgnificant 7_. Videos of either are probably easily available and highly recommended.
I really love the Jeanty cover.
Ohhh you know, I have seen Magnificent 7 a few years ago. Good movie! Thanks for the history, DaddyCatALSO
I can recognize all the characters, which is nice. :)
5X5B, you should definitely check out Seven Samurai. One of my favorite movies.

And in a funny turn of events, I've never seen The Magnificient Seven.
It is a very nice cover. Thanks for the poster link.

I would recommend both The 7 Samurai and The Magnificent 7 to anyone who has not seen one or both of them. I had not seen them in years when I netflixed them to show my son a couple months ago. It was really fun and now my son wants to see more Japanese movies. We watched Rashomon this evening. I'm not sure what is coming next, I've got them sprinkled through my netflix queue.
Xander's little ponytail is kinda sexy.

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