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January 24 2008

See Christina Hendricks interviewed live in Hollywood, Friday 1/25. Christina is among the guests of "Talk Show: The Talk Show," tomorrow at 11pm at the iO West Theatre. All proceeds (tickets are $10) go to the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, which benefits non-writers affected financially by the Writers Guild strike.

iO West is an improv comedy club located at 6366 Hollywood Blvd. (between Cahuenga and Vine, near La Cantina) in Hollywood. They have a full bar and available valet parking ($2 off with boxoffice validation).

ETA: The link above contains dates for some of the previous live "Talk Shows," so it can seem a bit confusing. The theatre's main page confirms that Christina's appearance is tomorrow, January 25th.

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Good for her, and the club, for working to help a worthy cause! (I'm nowhere near LA, myself, but felt the effort should be applauded.)

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