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January 24 2008

Amber Benson audio interview with Trent. Trent of "Pink is the New Blog" interviews Amber (extensively). I guess what makes it especially nifty is that if you read his blog, he's a huge Buffy fan. Cute photo of 'em to boot!

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Aw. Trent is a cutie in general, but he's especially cute when he geeks out on Buffy. I love Amber's note on the sheet music!
Maybe it's just that I'm a Jossophile -- No, wait. That sounds vaguely illegal, but Whedonite sounds like a cult member...

... What's the nomenclature here for fans of Joss? And what's better "nomenclature" for "nomenclature"?

Maybe it's just that I'm a fan of Joss but I can't imagine bringing up his father working on the "Golden Girls" without mentioning his grandfather writing for "Dick Van Dyke" and "The Andy Griffith Show".

Then again, Bea Arthur terrifies me. And Betty White even moreso. So I tend to suppress all memory of the Golden Girls and change the subject whenever it comes up.

Now that the subject can't be changed however, does anyone know how The Golden Girls became gay icons? I've picked up on this trend but never dared to ask...
What's the nomenclature here for fans of Joss?
The Anointed Ones? BrownScoobyFangs? Or how about just "Enlightened?"
Then again, Bea Arthur terrifies me.
Maybe this will help you overcome your phobia. Or possibly intensify it.

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Any transcripts anyplace?
yeah, listening is just too much hard work. I mean, you can't really skim, if it wasn't for skimming i'd of only read half as many books as i have... wait, what's half of one?

I still think this shall forever be the best Amber Benson link although it is recommended you stop the video after the first song, the next part may result in hefty psychiatry bills.

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Don't forget, Amber has a movie THIS SATURDAY at 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central (and you Mountain and Pacific people can do the math yourself). It's "7 Things to Do Before I'm 30" on the Lifetime channel. Link is here.

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