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January 25 2008

The Guild - Episode Six is out now! Felicia has released the sixth episode of her on going web series, The Guild!

Haha... wow! This series never fails to entertain!

I haven't seen this before tonight, but I just watched everything. The episodes. Bloopers. Christmas episode. Hilarious.
I've been waiting for this a while. Yay finally. Very funny as usual.
This was hysterical. I can't have another crush, but I think Felicia Day has caught me. :-)
Very much enjoying this series :) Never fails to make me laugh, though its probably way funnier if you are a current or former MMORPG junkie.
Well, this episode sure explains Zaboo, but does this mean we'll have a new "member" of the Guild soon? Hey, NBC, or even SciFi Channel, consider this show.

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