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January 25 2008

(SPOILER) Covers to "Angel- After the Fall #6: First Night". Chris Ryall posts two covers for the "First Night" comics on his blog.

Chris Ryall posts two covers for the "First Night" comics on his blog. The one in the link is by the Sharp brothers and colored by Art Lyon. The other cover for "First Night" is a cover for both #6 and #7, as these issues will connect to form a full image. That cover can be found on his blog as well:

Excellent covers. Best so far (apart from Urru's amazing cover for #1 - still my fave)

Very excited about these issues.
Love this. Yeah, the likenesses still aren't 100% for some characters, but there's a really nice 'feel' to this artwork. Light, almost 'delicate' in a weird way.

The best yet.
I like the connecting cover for #6 and 7, but I'm on the fence about the Sharp Bro's cover for #6. It's good and everything... but it's no where near as good as all of Franco's covers.
Both covers for issue 6 are good but I think I'll go with the connected covers for issue 6 and 7.I like the giant image.
I have to say these are my least favorite covers so far. They seem... Photoshopped. The Franco covers seemed more in tone with the series.
I've ended up buying both covers each time lol.I think I will be continuing the trend with these...
Good to see the "return" of ol' Two-Gun Wesley there. :)
Why isn't Blue Thunder on either of the covers? And does this mean that Gwen showed up in the alley??

I feel as though I'm missing something...
MadeToLoveJoss, we're all missing something in that we haven't read the issues yet. I think all will be clear when we do, eh?
Thanks. Those are great covers.
I have a hunch that the "spoiler alert" is OZ! Who's with me?!? Hehe ;)
OZ?...Hmmm....that's a maybe. I know he was part of the original plan for Season 6, but in a 22 episode television season there would be a lot more room for things like his proposed story line (helping Nina adjust to her Werewolf self), but I am not sure that there is time for that in After the Fall.

Doesn't mean he won't be in it though:)
Well judging by the size, the character has to be around 18 inches tall. So I'm thinking Sid The Dummy.
Didn't Brian already say that Oz wasn't going to be in it like... months ago? I remember that, I think. Something like "That would be cool, but we're not doing it." Anyway, Oz is in Season Eight. Joss has confirmed that.

Simon- Going by that logic, Gunn is now a giant.
Yes Gunn the Giant Vampire. And I for one welcome this direction. Or it could be Gachnar all growed up. Or a tiny Texan.
THats right Pat - forgot about that.Fair enough so...will have to keep guessing then!
Nevermind on the Oz thing.

Chris Ryall emailed me responding that Dark Horse secured the rights to use Oz. He cannot appear in an IDW title. Boo.
That's something I'm curious about now.Dark Horse and Scott Allie say that neither company owns the rights to the characters.That it's all owned by FOX and they and Joss can use whoever they want from both shows.But does that not hold true for IDW as well?Or is it only Dark Horse who can use who they want but IDW can't?I know Joss said he would only use Angel and Spike sparingly and probably none of the other Angel characters at all in season 8 but does Dark Horse have more freedom then IDW?I'm starting to get confused on that.
I think he probably meant something like "Joss is using that character for Season Eight." There is no 'securing rights' because Fox owns those rights. Joss can use any of the characters in either series if he wants to. But Oz, of course, will be in BtVS.
Given the size of the characters in relation to the 'mystery person', it could be Kylie as Tinkerbell.
Or perhaps there's a distinct possibility that the Thricewise REALLY got around.
And Gunn, being even more supersized, well that just makes one's mind boggle. ;-)

I agree with the comment on the site that Lindsey could be due for a return run. We never heard if the standard 'perpetuity clause' was discontinued, and what great dramatic impact it would have for him to seek revenge on Lorne and Angel.
(Which would also nicely set up 'big' Gunn as the expected bad guy, and 'little' Lindsey as the unexpected one.)
Simon, that was actually my first thought too :-) But now I'd have to go with CowboyGuy's idea. I believe it's Oz.
As a betta fish owner, my favorite part of the big connecting covers is that George has the betta fish version of the angry stare that all the other character have, with his gills puffed out and all. Hilarious.
Joss confirmed that Oz will be in S8?! Really?! Oh my God...that is the best news ever. Seriously. Wow. How I missed this I know not.

As for the covers...not crazy about 'em. The double cover is pretty nifty (and Simon, I too thought of Sid), but I do not like the Sharp Bros. cover.
UnpluggedCrazy: It was mentioned at Comic-Con.
Thanks for the memory jog, Sunfire. I posted in that thread a million times back then...and yet could not remember that.
Always great to see that green singing demon dude (just started working my way through Angel season 2...I'm a late bloomer!)

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