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January 25 2008

Julie Benz - Cornering the vigilante heroine market. Globe & Mail Interview for Rambo.

I have not now, nor have I ever been a "Goth nerd," thank you very much. ;)
That was my first thought too chazman! Cheeky feckers!

Having said that I do love Julie Benz. One of the best things on Angel, and I started watching Dexter (which I love) because she was in it. And I will go to see Rambo, and yes even Punisher 2 because she is in it.

Maybe I am like the people they described in the interview. Eep!
Well at least the article didn't go for any cheap shots at the expense of genre fans. Jeez, talk about low fruit.

"Rambetty" though should get an instant greenlight ;).
As we speak, some guy with bad skin and a greasy Spider-Man T-shirt is mashing all his favourite Julie Benz clips with a Evanescence ballad, and will later post his adoring tribute on YouTube.

Funniest. Nerd. Description. Ever. :-)

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Yeah, it's funny cos it's an obvious, overused cliché. Oh wait ...
There's also an interview with her in today's Toronto Star:
Yeah, I'm just a regular old nerd! Get it right buddy!

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