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January 25 2008

Blind Items Revealed... I usually hate reading these things, but this posted blind item was just too nice not to post about.

That's really awesome of her. I'm glad that girl had someone who was willing to help her out.
I agree. This shows what we've always known about Eliza.
All of the things I read about Eliza are positive. She is a class act.
Definitely a good deed.

Does Tom Cruise know? I thought only he can stop and help people?
What an extraordinary human being she is!
awww, I HEART eliza!
I'd like to think any 'Verse actor would do the same thing but yes, she is a special gal and kudos to her for helping a fellow human being.

Does Tom Cruise know? I thought only he can stop and help people?

It wasn't a car accident so I think Eliza is safe (I am so tempted to post a link to the video but this is about Eliza, not crazy Tom)

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Awwwww, garsh, what a mensch she is. Lottsa people would be moved by the girl's plight, but few would go so far to help her.

I was already a fan of her talent, but now I really like her...
Eliza Doalot!

Well done... but one question. What exactly did the original poster mean by "B lister"?
It's nice when you're just about to write human beings off as an utter failure as a species one comes along to remind you why you're glad to be human to begin with. I'm serious, it's boggling all of the negative things you hear about people doing to each other on a daily basis, that these little moments of real honest to goodness humanity just make my day.
1,2,3....Awwwwwwww. :)
My favorite part was when they called the girl-trading-jerk.
Amen, chazman. Wish I was there.
What exactly did the original poster mean by "B lister"?

To wit:

The A-list is part of a larger guide called The Hot List that has become an industry-standard guide in Hollywood. Lesser-known actors inhabit the B+, B, and C lists, and there is even a dreaded "Bottom of the Heap."

Eliza is SUCH a class act, that makes me so happy to read.

What a doll. (ba dump ching!)
Awwww. She sounds like such a good person. And fun! That stranded girl is going to be telling this story for the rest of her life. So very cool.
That is so unbelievably sweet. It is nice to know that there are still some people willing to help others out.
She is a beauty, inside and out!
Reading that was a very nice end to my crazy week. Eliza - you rock!
That was so very sweet of Eliza to do. I think my crush for her is getting stronger.
That's so great. I love when people do nice things. How cool of her.

I think I just fell a little bit in love with Eliza there...
Go, Eliza! I hope Dollhouse shoots her to the A-list.
Oh man I already loved her to bits but I think now she may have just become my favorite celebrity in the entire world.

Sigh. <3
Thanks bix, that's what I though "B lister" meant, but I was confused as to its relevance to anecdote. Unless the poster was trying to infer that Eliza is classier than many A- listers. But we know that.
Wow, that's pretty cool of her :) Very impressive.
I agree that this is a sweet story, and I'm glad it was posted. Eliza went above and beyond, and I applaud her. Karma should reward her in spades.
Go, Eliza!!! What a class act! And of course she throws in some fun too.
Joss is a genius - he not only picked physically beautiful people to populate his worlds, he picked people who are beautiful inside as well.

For personal instance: At Motor City Buffy back in '05, we were all hanging out in the tent during the cocktail party. As soon as Adam Busch & Danny Strong walked in, they were mobbed. When Kali Rocha arrived, she drew her own crowd. When Tony Head walked in....he circulated the tent, stopping to chat with groups. (And of course pulling most of the tent with him - guy's got magnetism.)

MCB was holding an auction the next day for Paws With a Cause, which trains companion dogs for those who are wheelchair bound. There was a representative from the group there, and also a young woman with her companion dog. She was going around the tent talking with fans, and when Tony saw her...he knelt down to talk with her.
ShadowQuest, I appreciate what you said, and I hope you don't mind my taking this chance to do a little education on disability. Many of us are trying to banish the phrase "wheelchair bound" for various reasons, including that it doesn't accurately describe many people who use wheelchairs. My oldest sister uses a wheelchair, and I have done so occasionally. When we stand up and walk, however, people look at us like we're fakers because they thought we were "bound" to that chair. Paws With a Cause helps people with different disabilities. People who are standing are encouraged to lower themselves in some fashion so that they aren't towering over someone who's sitting or lying down.
Suzie Thank you for correcting me. Hopefully others will read your post and change how they interact with those who are...physically challenged. (Is that proper? I never know what I can say w/out accidentally insulting someone.)

I think PWaC, and other organizations like it, are very important, and very special. If I weren't perpetually broke (And perpetually unemployed) I'd donate to them.

I was just so impressed that Tony had the presence of mind to kneel so the young woman was more comfortable talking to him. I know I spoke with her, too, but I honestly can't remember what we said - it was a noisy, crowded tent, my back was killing me and I was tired. I think I did lean down, though.

My great-aunt Vi had polio, and was confined to a wheelchair. However, she had a taxi service on Washington Island (WI), called Vi's Taxi Service. She gave narrated tours of the island, pointing out historical landmarks and such. She was what you might call a spitfire - always quick to laugh, and she and her husband Jimmy exchanged loving insults with each other (He called her "Violent" when they were playing cards).
Wonderful girl. Made my Saturday.
ShadowQuest, your great aunt "Violent" sounds great. The term most accepted these days is "people with disabilities." I understand it can be difficult to know what terms to use because they change over time. Also ... and I say this with humor ... we try to avoid "confined to a wheelchair," too, for the same reasons as "wheelchair-bound." But, again, I appreciate your interest and willingness to talk about these topics.

And just to be a little on topic, let me say that I love Eliza Dushku!
That is so sweet! Eliza is just a wonderful person. I wish more people did stuff like this.
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