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January 26 2008

Marti Noxon on the Writers' Strike. Writer and producer extraordinaire Marti Noxon briefs NPR listeners on some of the many ripple effects of the ongoing strike.

NPR says, "While TV networks traditionally commission dozens of scripts for pilot episodes, only some are actually produced and far fewer turn into series. Now several studios say they will cut back on pilots. Marti Noxon, an executive for ABC's Private Practice, talks about how a reduced pilot-production schedule might affect audiences, TV writers and the studios."

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This seems to sound like the deal that Joss got for 'Dollhouse' (ordering episodes, not requiring a pilot first) will now be the norm. I enjoyed this interview a lot, Marti explained this all very clearly.
If it's not too much trouble can someone post her main points here. It's a lot easier for me to read stuff then it is to listen. :) Thanks in advance...
I love Marti. This was a great interview and she is very articulate. If this does become the norm, I hope that networks will allow shows to grow and develop before cutting them off. Scot Simon (the interviewer) mentioned that some shows do not come into themselves until after having a season to find their footing. Buffy was like that--the first season was wonderful but it took those 13 episodes to really find its feet and then season 2 took off running on those feet.
Actually it was Marti who said that sometimes shows don't come into their own until after a year. She is very articulate, and I hope she finds a lot of work in the future. (I think the last couple of seasons of Buffy are a bit thin, at least compared to the first five, but I don't think it's fair to put the blame on her.)

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