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January 26 2008

Remember the Serenity Lunchbox? The Serenity Lunchbox is now being pre-ordered at PowerStar. I remember some discussion of the lunchbox being preordered and then pulled off certain websites, but got this this morning, so if anybody is interested - here it is.

Aw, if only I didn't already have my Mr. Bento.
TFAW says my lunchbox will arrive 3/12.
Just an FYI... the Pre-Order price is cheaper at ($11.99)
I remember some discussion of the lunchbox being preordered and then pulled off certain websites...

That's several steps behind on this story. The lunchbox got announced, then got pulled, and then got re-announced in the comparatively recent past (as reported here on WHEDONesque at the time). Which is why it can be found at the linked site.
Oh well - good intentions were foremost. Get my Angel comics at TFAW, but not a big lunchbox afficionado, so, like I said - I tried.
See, here's the quandary... I really want to get this (the fruity oaty one) but what to do if I have items that need to be refridgerated? I mean...i can't fit a tupperware container in there and there's no way I can prevent against leakage, and there's no way I'm going to put a lunchbox in the fridge...and I don't think I'd buy the lunchbox if I wasn't going to use it, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to buy this.
Well, I've pre-ordered one of each for myself and a Serenity one for my 7-yr-old nephew. I have no intention of using it as a lunchbox, I'll be using one for a purse! I doubt my nephew will use it as a lunchbox for the above reason, but he probably use it for toys or whatever. I don't care - it's cool! BTW, this is my first post - I'm a cool kid now! :D

Serenity and/or Firefly trading cards would go great inside a lunchbox. Along with the mini-comic that came with the Serenity Collector's Edition at Best Buy.

Also you could keep fruity oaty bars in them. Individual wrapped ones. Wouldn't that be funny to have around the kitchen.
I have pre-ordered one of each. I have no intentions of damaging it by using it as a real lunchbox. It is going up on the shelf with the rest of my 'Verse stuff. And I'm giving the Fruity Oaty one away as a gift.

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