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January 26 2008

Mad Men Writers Back in Business. Lionsgate and the WGA have reached an interim deal which allows the writers for AMC's "Mad Men" and Showtime's "Weeds" to go back to work. is possible for both writers to be compensated fairly and respectfully for their work and for companies to operate profitably.

deleted 'cause I answered my own question!

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I read about this the other day. Awesome news!
Yay!!! I hope the deal was a good one for the writers. As a huge fan of Mad Men, I'm of course thrilled :)
That's good news. I guess it means season two may be a little late, but it's coming. I can hardly wait to see where the "Mad Men"story will pick up after November 1960...and where Nancy Botwin has resettled now that Agrestic is no more.
Is this thread broken? The comments don't seem to be appearing correctly.
There's definitely a glitch. An admin will no doubt take a look in due course. Thanks, Succatash.
All fixed now.
Yes!!!! Best news I've heard all day. I just wished more folks could watch this show. It is absolutely amazing! If you didn't watch it before , please catch the reruns. Vincent Kartheiser performance is breathtaking!

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