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January 27 2008

Michael Muhney wants to be the next Doll. In the second paragraph of a recent posting, the former Veronica Mars star states that he wishes to work with Joss in Dollhouse.

Who can blame him? I can't think of a better applicant myself. MM is fantastic.

Michael Muhney would make a superb doll.
*UGH* Now I have a mental image of Sheriff Lamb in hotpants and heels singing Don't Cha. Must... scrub... brain....
Well they did talk on the strike line. (See Michael's Nov. 11 post on the blog)

I'd love to see him in the house.
That would be so awesome. There are no words to describe how unspeakably awesome that would be.
Wow, I hope this happens! Michael would be so perfect for a Joss show!

Muhney + Joss = happy bdbdb! :)
Really really sucks about Muhney's show, he had fantastic things to say about it and the cast and crew when he was out in Aus for The Hubs convention last October. Was really looking forward to seeing it.
Considering that nothing else is really in development at the moment you'd think those asinine morons at the networks would take all the quality shows that they could get their hands on once the strike lets up.
They've already got a pilot.
Muhney in Dollhouse would be awesome yes... But Muhney with Beau Bridges... I wanna see that too :(
Oooh!!! Joss! PLEASE!!! pick MM for Dollhouse!!!
It would be the Best.Idea.Ever.
indeed, it would be awesome if Michael and Joss were working together!
*fingers crossed*
DollHOUSE. What a relief. Not Pussycat Dolls.

Yes, good idea.

Doooooooooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

I'd be so happy if he was introduced to the Whedonverse.
I've had the privilege of meeting Michael last year at a film showing, and he is just one of those actors that "gets it". We talked for quite a while about Joss and his hopes to one day be in one of his shows. There was one thing that really stuck with me. He said he would rather have 5 million hard core, dedicated viewers of a tv show he's on rather than 50 million viewers who forget about it the next day. He loved being on Veronica Mars and experiencing that great fan base. He understands how important a fan community is and how it meshes with the show. He totally "gets it", especially after hanging with the Browncoats after the Flanvention was canceled.

Plus....very easy on the eyes. The chemistry between Michael and Eliza...we would all need to be in our bunks.
Michael on Dollhouse would be beyond awesome. Seriously.
I agree whole heartedly a Joss, Eliza, and Michael pairing would be divine!
I would love to see this. Michael Muhney is who I replace in my mind as Riley when I re-watch episodes of season 4. Younger, cuter, more talented. Try it guys, it makes the episodes so much better. (For Felicity fans, exhange Neve Campbell for Amy Jo Johnson. You're welcome)
narky - Michael Muhney as Riley?? I like it!!!!
I'd love to see Michael in a Joss show.

Btw, this isn't Michael's blog, it's a fan-made community that he sometimes posts in. Also, the above link doesn't go directly to his post.
Sorry,'s a community blog that he comes on often to post. Kind of like Whedonesque, I guess. I just linked the main page to Rack of Lamb. I'd be fine if someone wants to change it. Thanks, ESG!
I love the shamelessness with which he mentions over and over how much he'd like to be in a Joss show. But we all know that Joss will never do it unless the right character is there.
Why would you use the word "shamelessness", Lioness? MM is obviously a big fan of Joss and would like to work with him. Where is the crime?
He's not the only one who wants to work on Dollhouse .. ;)
I have to admit, I like Michael on Veronica Mars, but Lamb is a supporting role and not a particularly complicated character so I haven't really seen the full range of what he can do. He's a great character and a great foil for Veronica, but he's not exactly being challenged or showing off as much character development as a main character like Kristen Bell. Although I've only seen the first five episodes of season three. Nor have I seen him in anything else.

But I'd definitely be open to seeing Michael in Dollhouse if he can nail another character as well as he nailed Lamb.

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