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January 27 2008

From buff to 'Buffy'. Tagline: Girls with guns and goofy geeks are teaming up to redefine the action hero.

FTA: "...John Rambo and other cinematic action icons like him face a far larger problem than scornful critics: They’re being swept into irrelevance by a tide of new American heroes, like the retail drone turned reluctant spy of NBC’s 'Chuck,' admired more for their technical skills and a general lack of testosterone. And two new television series based on popular properties—'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and 'Bionic Woman'—are spearheading a resurrection of the strong, hard-hitting and sexy action heroine—action figures who are tougher, less cartoonish, more relatable and just more believable than their beefed-up male counterparts."

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“The women are allowed to kick serious ass,” he says, “but clearly what makes it go down easy for American audiences is that they’re wearing these skimpy outfits.
and, in the ladies’ case, rocking a sweat-soaked tank top.

And, ironically, the double standard is that it's still considered "dirty" or "naughty" for women to be parading around in anything less than a full length dress. LOL

I mean, c' many male action heroes are topless most of the time? The Hulk, Conan, Rocky, Rambo...the "300 Loin Cloths" Isn't the sweat soaked tank a McClane trademark? Superman and Spiderman's skin tight suits are for what? Aerodynamics?

If it's considered manly for men to show off the goods, why can't it also be feminine for women to do the same? I'm just sayin'...
I'm suddenly reminded of a line from the first episode of T:SCC - "Better put those back in the holster."
Yeah, the "skimpy outfits" quote kinda took the fun out of it, especially prefaced by "allowed to". And as pointed out above, what a double standard remark, when you look at the male action heroes.

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