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January 27 2008

Orlando FX Convention reports for Whedonverse actors are trickling in. Folks who are attending the FX Convention in Orlando this weekend are already reporting on encounters with Captain Caleb and One-Eyed Nick and it sounds like it's a good time. More links to come in the comments.

I was able to go Saturday, but my group got there kinda late. I wasn't able to see too many people, Nathan in particular cause the line was crazy... In fact all of my pics of Nathan, Nicholas, and Elizabeth are from far away. =/ *darn*

George Takei was awesome... man you could hear his great laugh from halfway across the convention room ! LOL

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Sorry, BrewBunny, but I have to ask - "Is that anything like Nearly-headless Nick?"


I envy folks who get to go to these things. I truly do. Especially folks who take such smashing pictures.

Shadow slinks away to flip through her sad little photo album and try to recapture some of the joy of her one & only con
Nicky's looking good; healthy and happy.


I really wish my friend could find a publisher for her novel "Willow's Promise" - we so need our 'versefolks back. Preferably a new series, but on the big screen wouldn't be a bad thing.

Hmm...Nick & Tony, larger than life...(All snack table references aside)....I'll be in my bunk.
Look! Nick stole lexigeek's hat!

Not true. The hats were seen at the same time at ME Day ;)
But we do suspect he stole the idea of the hat!
That Wonder Woman bust (five or so pics before Thoroughly Hatted Nick) icks me more than the controversial Summernator Under Construction.
Nathan thinks fans are bringing him pot cookies.

Where is the paranoia coming from? Previous fan cookies?
Someone who was able to tape the Whedonverse panel. Hopefully we'll see highlights up on YouTube soon. :-)
Haven't had time to write a report yet - work responsibilities forced me to leave early Saturday and Sunday - but I posted pictures at Flickr. I also videoed the panel, but my digital camera broke everything into 10 minute chunks and my SD card went full just before the best freaking lines of the whole panel. I'm hoping to get the videos on YouTube tonight.
Thanks for the links to con accounts everyone, very cool. Any Youtubage would be greatly appreciated too. Seems like a good time was had by all.

(and that's General Grievous BTW C.A. Bridges, he was in the 'Clone Wars' animated series and then 'Revenge of the Sith')
If I could afford to go to cons, I could even more easily afford a place with a kitchen. So first I would play around with ingredients and invent something that could plausibly be called Tara Cookies, then bring samples along for the celebs, recipe included.
(What kind of chips would go best with coconut, dried cherries, and chopped pecans: white chocolate, vanilla, or butterscotch?)

ShQ;Actually, hemi-demi-semi-spoilerish for Angel Season 6 but Willow's Promise might actually be shoehornable into the latest continuity; of course Angel and Spike would have not ever to get back from where they are.

Does Nicky have the right kind of face for hats?
Posted some crappy video: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

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