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January 28 2008

Popular Mechanics compares all the Terminators, including Cameron. Popular Mechanics compares all of the Terminators in the movie/TV franchise, from Arnold Schwartzenegger to Summer Glau. According to the editors, the Cameron Phillips model seems to be very impressive.

The article comments that the SCC Terminators seem a throwback from the more advance robots from T2 and T3 but doesn't mention why. Each movie changes the future and, we assume, delays Skynets development. After T2 it may well be that that the T1000 now never happened.
The fact that the bast machines available to send after John Connor new are less advance seems to suggest that humans are winning the war and Skynet has less technology to call on.

And of course, TV budgets don't stretch to vast amounts of liquid metal and CGI.
Good point. The "most advanced" would be in terms of software development, which would be within both post-apocalyptic human resistance and TV budgets. Though they are spending a lot of money on this show.

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