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January 28 2008

"What to watch on DVD". The Chicago Tribune weighs in on what to watch while the Strike's going on. There are a lot of Browncoats making themselves known in the Windy City. This evidently includes the Author of the Article. :)

Anyone here love Voyagers! back in the day? It's on DVD now.
Anyone here love Voyagers! back in the day? It's on DVD now.
I loved that show when it originally aired (I was nine or ten), but I've been burned enough times revisiting movies and TV from my childhood that I think I'll stick with my possibly heavily revised and edited memories.
I just recently watched both seasons of Popular. I loved it! But its really sad when you get to the end because it was left on a major cliffhanger and it got cancelled. Ryan Murphy was promised a third season and it never happened. Tom Lenk (Andrew Wells) appears very briefly as a fried chicken delivery boy. When I saw him I got really excited! But he was only on screen for like a minute... :( Then Clea DuVall (Marcia Ross from the episode Out of Mind, Out of Sight) appears as a crazy trailer trash girl who ends up living in a stall in the girls rest room at the school. :) She appears in 2 episodes.
One of the commentors on that link also mentions DaVinci's Inquest, which also included Jewel.
I also liked that they mentioned Due South, another of my favorite shows.

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It was nice to see Wonderfalls getting a nod, as well. :)

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