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January 28 2008

David Greenwalt's "Profit" coming To Chiller TV in February. Before David Greenwalt created a vampire with a soul, he created a lawyer with no soul called "Profit". This short-lived series from Fox, starring Adrian Pasdar, will be shown on Chiller TV on February 18th with the first three episodes. The rest of the series, including four that were not shown, will air on an undetermined date.

The series aired on Trio TV a few years ago. It also features Keith Szarabajka, who played Angel's nemesis, Holtz.

I believe this channel is only available to DirecTV subscribers.
I believe this channel is only available to DirecTV subscribers.

That's fine by me since I have DirecTV. I've been checking out another pre-Buff/Angel vampire show on Chiller TV called Kindred: The Embraced. You guys might enjoy it (though, only 8 episodes were produced).
It's a fantastic show, and I think you'll see echoes of it in Wolfram and Hart.

If you don't have this channel the show is on DVD.
I LOVE Profit! What a great show.
I first saw "Profit" on the recommendation of Whedonesque, reading through the Joss posts. Got it on Netflix. I was put off by the sheer nastiness and amorality of it for the first disc (although I thought it was pretty much perfect, writing- and acting-wise); I didn't rent any more for about a month. But then, in the words of Zapp Brannigan, the craving set in. I got the second disc. It's evil. It's so addictive. It may well be my favorite t.v. show ever.

So good. Every episode a little confection of perfect plotting and pure-evil wit and decaying gorgeosity and scary and secrets....
hobnail: Ugh, Kindred is terrible! I say that as someone who loves the game it's based on. My wife made me watch Kindred, and I couldn't resist the urge to MST3K my way through it. Blech. Oh, but Kindred does also star the actress who played Virginia, Wesley's girlfriend in the second season of Angel.

Profit, though, is pretty good- I checked it on DVD after it came up here and I loved it. Plus, it made me laugh to see Adrian Pasdar on Heroes. My sister has DirectTV, I'll have to tell her to check it out.

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Profit was an amazing show, and so deliciously twisted! Adrian Pasdar is terrific at playing morally ambiguous characters, and as much as I love good!Nathan Petrelli, a large part of me wants to see him being reaallllly bad again.
I just like to watch Adrian Pasdar eating chicken at the computer, completely naked.
'Profit' was awesome. The cardboard box?.....mmmhmmm.
Weren't there some loose plans/pipe dreams to have Profit crossover onto Angel as a Senior Partner of W&H? That would have been amazing.
Yes, I'd love to see Profit & Lilah working at the same company. Scary!
Profit would probably have become a part of the Buffy/Angelverse if David Greenwalt had stuck with the show (but it's okay--a half season of Miracles was worth missing out on Adrian Pasdar on Angel). ShimShamSam remembered right. I can't remember whether it was Joss, Tim Minear, or Jeffrey Bell who mentioned this bit of info in a post once. I might be wrong about the reasons for Profit not being included on Angel (Greenwalt leaving). Maybe the network said no. Wouldn't be surprised if they said no to the introduction of a character from a quickly cancelled series.

Having the franchise be a three-series franchise would've been really cool. Especially connecting a series that started and ended before Buffy began.

I bought Profit a few years ago when it came out on DVD (same day as Thundercats Season 1 Part 1, heh), but I've only ever watched the 90-minute pilot. It is excellent (and if you feel it losing you, stick around 'til the end when it comes together beautifully). I'll watch it in full when I have someone to watch it with. Not big on going through dramas all by my lonesome. Cartoons on the other hand, sure.

Watch Profit to see a glimpse at what might've been, an Angelverse character in spirit (or, since Profit came first as a series, are Buffy and Angel part of his universe ? Don't try to argue the other way around if your reason is the Buffy movie--that bit of ugly don't exist).
Umm... electricspacegirl-
I just like to watch Adrian Pasdar eating chicken at the computer, completely naked.

Would that be YOU naked, or Adrian. Cos I could totally buy the latter.

The former- TMI!!

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