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January 29 2008

Marsters: Captain John 'is like Spike'. "James Marsters has admitted that his Torchwood character Captain John is similar to the role he played on Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

I saw "Kiss, Kiss ,Bang, Bang" this weekend. I really home this won't be the last we see of Captain John. In my ferfect world JM would joint Torchwood as a regular OR BBc would put together a Captain John special...or a series of them. coin a Sunnydale phrase ;Duh!


Spike was written all over it. Not that I'm complaining mind. I really enjoyed his performance. Probably won't watch Torchwood again will he comes back into it.
Episode 2 was in fact good. Which I think was a surprise for all involved.

And the "drinks now" comment was a nice little shout but was also a tad silly (like the rest of episode 1 wasn't)
Hmm... I have no idea about Torchwood, but I do think that if Joss had known that Spike was going to become SUCH a relevant character he probably would have had him be the epitome of evil a little longer...

I did love School Bad...
I did see some Spike in Captain John, but I think what I liked most about the character were his differences from Spike (for example, Spike was a bit of a romantic, Captain John was anything but).

That, and Captain John + Captain Jack = yummyness. ;)
I did enjoy the first two episodes for this season, still has eye rolling cheese, but a few surprise moments that had me laughing out loud. Good fun!
You're kidding? Really? And here I was thinking he was playing it along the lines of Hyacinth Bucket.
It has been sooo long since we have had chance to see JM do this kind of a role, of course I loved it!! Since I liked Torchwood to begin with, add JM to it and I give it 5 1/2 stars, easily. I really hope he is in more episodes.
Weird, I thought on viewing S2 Episode 1, he was the most dissimilar to Spike I've seen him (except Smallville, which doesn't really count for me). His voice was different, his demeanor/physicality was different. There's joy in Captain John that I felt was totally absent in Spike. I'm sure there's other adjectives I could throw around but I can't come up with 'em right now.
Well, Captain John is a slut, whereas Spike is a one-woman evil thing. I don't think Spike would have ever done a poodle with anything but his teeth.
I'm with Tonya J. I really saw very little Spike in the performance. Spike is basically all about the woman he loves, totally selfless. Captain John Hart is totally selfish, it's ALL about him. It was nice to see James Marsters in a role he could really shine in again. Can't wait for more :D
I saw a lot of season 2 Spike in the character.
That's interesting and brings up a question I was thinking about. Spike in Season 2 to 5/6 (?) is a soul-less creature. Are the time travelers of Torchwood human, except for Jack, who is immortal? I think it can make a huge amount of difference in perception between the two characters. If Capt. John is human, with a soul (I'm just projecting/hypothesizing/whatever'ing here since what is the 'Verse of Torchwood?) his evil and narcissism makes him different in my eyes than Spike.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2008-01-30 00:24 ]
I saw Spike in the fight - which was fabulous. I got the impression that Capt John was some kind of alien form. But that might just be me totally confused.
Now if we could have lost the gay kiss and had him run over a "Welcome to Cardiff" sign, the episode would have improved immensely *g*
AFA we K, Captain Jack (and John) are both humans, albeit from the 51st century (and not necessarily Earth-born).

You could argue Jack is something else now though, after ['Doctor Who' new series 1 episode 13] 'The Parting of the Ways' when he was imbued with aspects of the time vortex and became immortal (or rather, literally undestroyable, it's almost as if his continued existence has become written into the fabric of space and time - that said, if a certain 'Doctor Who' plot development is to be believed, he won't live forever).

I saw a bit of Spike in "Captain" John but he was sufficiently different to keep it fresh.
On the Spike thing - Capn John loves Capn Jack - so with the Spike parallel - John would have never killed Jack over money. Spike took love over money every day (whipped).

John is a psychopath -- he seems to be a little bit past saving -- at this point. This is not to say that with TLC and patience he cannot be redeemed.

And the phrase was: thirsty now

and I absolutely loved this episode and have been waiting since June to see it. Great great great for Marsters! James Marsters and Torchwood are very mixy things!

scale of 1-5?...7.7!

torchwood - happy now, more please

(cant wait for tonight and smallville--if they have a real guest star role for him)

as for without a trace? bored now...(use the m for ratings...not a good thing)

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